Bill’s Fashion vs. Hillary’s Fashion



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  1. Bill looks like doesn’t know where he is, and Hillary is wearing her bathrobe. It’s a step up form the Mumu. No fashion there I can see.

  2. I think she looks like Mike Mier. Too bad she is not likable.

  3. Interested Party February 16, 2017

    I’m English so I have no idea what this is about…. we over here in the old world wonder why Hillary didn’t become president. I mean, she may not have been very good but surely the alternative is going to be a disaster? Any Americans out there willing to explain why a misogynistic, racist bigot who has never worked in politics before and who has no idea of diplomacy or decorum was voted in to be the most powerful person on the planet?

    • From what I can tell, people (well, half-witted people) believed all the nonsense that was created in the basements and backrooms of Macedonia and Albania and emitted via social media and alt-right “news” sites. “Hillary’s a murderer you say? Off with her head”. There’s also the racist rage of those who remain infuriated by eight years of a black president. Basically, morons who don’t generally vote were out in droves this time and now they’re doubling down in the face of the numerous scandals already brewing in Trump’s house. Also, shockingly, they don’t seem to resent how much golf he has played in the first month. Obama was excoriated for golfing, so I’m guessing the rage about that particular issue is that some club or another let him in.
      So, in short, idiots.

    • Lazier Than Thou February 16, 2017

      The US election was decided by many things, but the primary issue that it really came down to was corruption. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the gold standard of corruption in American politics. They’re the most politically corrupt family in the history of the country. Not only that, but Hillary was in the process of being investigated for a crime she committed, but wasn’t charged with for political reason.
      Trump is a historically unliked President. No one else has had such opposition not only in the opposite party but in their own party. But the thing he had going for him, his most likeable and Presidential quality was that he isn’t Hillary Clinton. That was enough to win him the election. Against a normal candidate(Barack Obama, for example) it would have been an utter blow out. However, because Clinton is so bad, he won.

    • As a foreigner living in the US, I actually supported Trump being president over Hillary. He seemed the lesser of two evils. What I can’t understand is why people are so up in arms about how he treats women, but not upset about how Hillary and Bill have treated women. I find her quite distasteful. She had so long in government to make a change, especially for women and NEVER did. It really disappointed me to be honest. As a younger woman I really looked up to her, I just can’t anymore. Very upsetting. She really failed in my opinion to be the change, instead she played the political game better and in a more corrupt way then the boys.

    • Living on the continent I have to admit that I would have had trouble voting for any of them. Sanders seemed to be a very good alternative, but the Democrats didn’t quite favour him. How’s Corbyn doing right now in the UK? Seems to be a decent guy, way more down to earth than Boris or Cameron. Farage anyone? How did he make it into politics? Make no mistake, we have the same problem all over the place right now with people taking a liking to some national extremists.

    • Trump TV commercials promised all sorts of things that any middle school graduate would know are not within the president’s powers. To prevent Hilary, who accepted money from Wall Street from being elected, they voted for Mr. Wall Street. Adam Curtis’ BBC documentary “The Century of the Self” covers the underlying pathology pretty well. It screened in at least 2 US theaters.

  4. Rattus nailed it.

    • Rattus didn’t nail it. That’s just more of the “Wahhh, wahhh, you’re all racists!” that the dems have been crying. Keep believing that and they will continue to lose. “Lazier Than Thou” nailed it. Hillary ran a piss-poor campaign where she completely took her base for granted and assumed that no one would care about her rampant corruption. In the end, as hard as it is for the libs/dems to swallow, Donald was more likable. Any normal candidate would have beat either one of them in a normal year. It came down to choice of “which pile of s#^t stinks the least”.

    • Likeable (I’m assuming that you don’t wish to actually lik him)? I can’t even begin to imagine what sort of Stygian nightmare is the mind of someone who thinks that Trump is likeable.

  5. Interested Party February 16, 2017

    I see. Thanks Rattus.

    • I forgot to mention a couple of things. The idea that brown people with accents might be coming to the towns of the flyover states was also a significant impetus in getting the Trump fans out.
      And there were a number of people in areas that are in unfortunately dire straits that were desperate enough to believe that Trump actually gives a rats ass about them and their employment troubles, even when confronted with the news of his habit of not paying those who have done work for him. Unfortunately the world is losing a lot of jobs to technology (you would have thought that truck driving would have been a reliable occupation – sheesh!) and the likes of Trump and his ilk would much rather buy a machine than pay a person if it would save them a penny.

    • Rattus, we are on the same page.

    • So Anteater, I can safely assume that you have a triple-digit IQ?

    • Yes, indeed.

    • Yeah, his IQ is 68.4

    • Wrong, 3 digit IQ. As you may or may not know standard tests don’t compute fractional digits. Bright as you are you surely know this, right?

    • And Anteater misses the joke.

  6. 0bama is the great divider, and Hillary is corrupt, pathological liar – plus she rigged the primaries (which made Bernie supporters mad) and ran a bad campaign with an incompetent staff. The result is obnoxious blowhard Donald is now President. Also, people didn’t want to hear stuff like this for years –
    Hope that helps you poor loser foam at the mouth lefties.

  7. Does anyone else think that Bill is looking more and more like Snow Miser from those weird, old Christmas stop-motion cartoons?

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