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No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. Our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble!


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  1. Truth Bringer September 1, 2021

    No matter how much makeup you wear, surgeries you have, hormones you take, or pronouns you force people to use, when archeologists dig up your bones you will be either male or female. The same as when you were born.

    • “The number of births where the baby is intersex—where they do not fit into typical definitions of male and female at birth—has been reported to be as low as 0.018%, but is often estimated at around 0.2%.” [wikipedia]

    • Down It Should Be Shut September 1, 2021

      So there’s less of a chance of a person being intersexed than dying from COVID?

    • Greta Flat Chest September 1, 2021

      When I was in 3rd grade teacher told me never to quote Wikipedia or the Urban Dictionary.

    • Wikipedia and urban dictionary are completely different.

      Wikipedia is a modern encyclopedia and gets updated regularly to make sure it gets more accurate over time. References are confirmed to make sure everything is factual. Conspiracy theory fans like to pretend it’s not accurate, but lets face it, they don’t like facts, just rumors.

      Urban dictionary is just slang and silly definitions for fun. At least your teacher understands one of the two. She probably just wanted to be sure you didn’t cut and paste all your work from somewhere online.

    • @"Truth" bringer September 1, 2021

      Thanks for demonstrating how much of a bigot you are. Again.

      Are you going to complain about people who dye their hair next?

      Republicans: ” We demand our freedom! Stop this crazy cancel culture!”
      { Democrats and others exercise their freedom }
      Republicans: “HEY! cut that out.” They complain about companies ( twitter rules, COVID rules in businesses) and people ( gay marriage, taking a knee).

      If you want to live in a free country, the cost is putting up with all the free people around you who want to act differently than you. If you want democrats to put up with people who own assault weapons etc, I’m sure you can put up with people have surgeries that don’t impact you at all.

    • Truth Bringer September 1, 2021

      Apparently biology is bigotry….and to think these are the same people screaming Trust the Science! Take the vaccine!
      Science says, outside of a inconsequentially few abnormalities, there are two sexes. Male (XY) and Female (XX) and they can not be change for humans.
      But you guys missed the joke and instead became the joke. Don’t become a bigger joke by trying to change ‘genders’ or mutilating your genitalia. That would just be silly.

    • Texas earned the title for the most bigot place. Also a fun place for rapists. And blacks aren’t allowed to vote.

    • Yes.. Keep bringing up more reasons to hate on people. Totally doesn’t make you seem like a bigot at all.

      Why’d ya even bring this up? Did someone steal your girlfriend? Don’t want to live in a free country??

  2. Quiet? Maybe cause it has nothing to do with the joke?

    You’re the racist who brings race up on most every post. Obsessed much?

  3. NYC is the one that cut 70% of blacks out of society over their refusal to be Government ginny pig’s for a vaccine that doesn’t work and has killed more people then any vaccine in history. Now that is real racism.

  4. Awww do facts hurt you like the orange man did

  5. Trump was a far better President then the current dementia patient. And yet that fact is ignored by the Leftist. You belong to a cult and everyone knows that. But please keep doing what your doing. It will make the future landslide elections all the more sweet.

  6. So the person who posted this shit first was really concerned about the subject. But why ? Got it ! They don’t have a life !

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