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  1. So inspirational!

  2. According to youtube (year i know) the pyramids aren’t graves but a lot of other things, like some sort of powerstation, water supply-thingy, and others. Didn’t really pay much attention, but some of the theories where quite interesting, search “pyramids function” on youtube (and ignore the more crazy ones)
    No matter what they are for, no graves, tombs or bodies have ever been found in either one of them.

    • Right, no graves or bodies in pyramids. Except for, you know, tombs and mummies.

    • Yeah. Not “much attention” paid, indeed.

    • Oh ye of little faith, you just haven’t watched enough youtube videos;)

    • Daniel Jackson February 19, 2016

      The pyramids are landing pads for Ha’tak type of spaceships.

    • And Antarctica was a base for an ancient, alien civilisation, or what?

    • Bubba and Joe Bob February 20, 2016

      Hey EUro, didn’t the Nazi guys have a great under ground secret base there in the early 1940s? Joe Bob says he seen it on TV.

    • ugh this comment gave me cancer. So then I Google searched this for something to do. Giza pyramids around 4,500 years old. Egypt’s agriculture relied on the Nile flooding, so half of the year a lot of farmers had nothing to do. This gave a lot of labour that could be used for great constructions about half a year, every year. “Elite” citizens also got educations. It was also thousands of years later that records exist of the pyramids being entered.
      So explanation of pyramids #1- Educated elites help design a way to build the pyramids, using the abundant labour they had every year for half a year. The pyramids were later plundered and resealed, possibly multiple times, before written records of them being opened were created.
      #2 aliens built them to align to stars many light years away, leaving not one trace of advanced technology or alloys or bodies, to use as generators or really inefficient water storage, before disappearing into the ether never to visit Earth again. Wait I am a sheeple that has bought into the propaganda that aliens aren’t here. #2 theory must be correct.

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