Cheer Up!


Cheer up, folks! Spring is just around the corner.


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  1. I love puns!

    • I smiled at that so… I guess I do as well :D

    • I smiled too. Though that is possibly because spring is actually just around the corner – helllooooo sandals and kayaks.

    • Loved it. Cannot wait for summer. Bikinis, sunshine and being out on the lake! (It is snowing where I am right now, but this made me happy)

  2. Low grade females might smile at this, but the higher-grade ones with an elevated sense of humor know this is a stupid pun and really reaching to make a dumb joke.

    • Actually, those of high intelligence often have an appreciation for low culture. Half-wits (MRAs, RWNJs and the like) are more inclined to appreciate mean humour.

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