Some People are Like Slinkies



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  1. Sarah Palin April 21, 2014

    I want to push everyone who does not believe in the peace and love of Jesus down the stairs.

    • Troll alert April 21, 2014

      Gotta source for that comment?

    • Frank Einstein April 21, 2014

      I would like to thank “Troll alert” for pointing out that the first comment was not by THE Sarah Palin. Maybe it was just a troll after all. Thanks!

    • That’s the exact reason I don’t believe. Oh you don’t believe in the peace and harmony of my god well I’m gonna kill you and your family pillage your village and force you to believe what I believe

    • Nah, I’m just going to do that because you’re an ***.

  2. But pushing a slinky down the stairs doesn’t bring a smile to my face. What now?

  3. The Govnor April 22, 2014

    Oh well Bryn, In that case… Try your husband!

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