How Things Should Be According To Republicans


Brilliant example of Republican logic.


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  1. It’s funny because it’s so stupid.

  2. He’s not wrong.

  3. Yea they are so stupid with their “I work, pay taxes and for my healthcare why should I pay three times as much in taxes to support people that won’t do the same?”

    • Ask yourself again once you get cancer treatment.

    • So… Why work and pay taxes. Let other people do it and everything is free!

    • And after 70 years of pretending to work and pretending to pay taxes, you can still become potus.

    • …and after 35 years in national politics you can blame the new guy for everything being bad.

    • Make that populist politics. They always blame the other guy for their own mess.

    • The new guy deserves full ‘credit’ for his 24/7 lying, dumb decisions, self-inflicted wounds and battles with the truth.

    • Yeah, why should I pay to bail out farmers who voted for Trump and are now seeing the results of his tariffs?

  4. Chuck U. Farley October 31, 2019

    Ok Boomer.

  5. —Said no conservative (ever).

  6. One can easily assume a group thick enough to adopt atheism would be thick enough to adopt socialism.

    • That’s a big jump in reasoning there. How old are you, 4?

    • Was has atheism to do with it? Oh, right. Nothing.

    • All one would have to do to understand the connection of leftism and atheism on this page would be to read it. If they’re old enough to be literate.

    • Sadly you didn’t understand what you where reading. Atheism has noting to do with leftism.
      Leftism just deprives power from established religions as they are a means of control over people. Look at the USA. A christian Iran under control of a conservative despot and clown. Usually left movements replace the religion with something else, like personality cult (e.g. North Korea, also common in the rightism, like Nazi-Germany) or other religion-like methods (see USSR, also common in rightism).
      Real atheism doesn’t need an analog for that abandoned faith.

    • Sadly, you don’t understand multiple things. Atheism is faith manifest. But more to this site, the posts are often both uber left wingnut and fideist atheist. You can make a feeble attempt to argue there’s no ideological connection, but the point is that particularly here they share a hip. It’s comical one one level, pathetic on another.

    • Atheism is no faith manifest. Nothing can’t be something. It’s like calling an empty plate aside a brie another kind of cheese. Believers just can’t handle people being without any faith and construct their own weird explanations.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 5, 2019

      Well, they imagine an old white almeighty dude with a beard on a cloud who displaced a cup as their god of jewish origin. Of course they can “invent” an oxymoron like “atheist faith”. That’s why religion is a form of mental illness.

    • Atheism is purely fideistic. There is no positive evidence for the position. Those few who ascribe to it (they’ve never been able to convince anyone) do, indeed, take a position. It’s not the default position of Homo sapiens, but one that can be adopted by a leap. It is a laughable position, but a position nonetheless.

    • As a kid you believed in Santa Claus because your parents fooled you into believing in Santa Claus, and you were disappointed when they eventually let you in on the secret. It’s the same with religion: you believe because your parents believe, they believe because their parents believed, and so on. There is not a shred of evidence for the existence of any god.

    • That fool still believes in Santa. Nicolaus a saint.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 7, 2019

      Wrong. Atheism is not fideistic. It relies on observation.
      Atheists need no evidence to be proven. There is no need to proof nothing or nonexistence. Even if believers don’t like to admit it – often on purpose, it’s their position that needs approval. As there is no evidence that prooves the existence of a deity the position of atheism is so far proven to 100%. Any deity may protest NOW… No one? As I guessed.
      Those “few” atheists are a growing in numbers. Religion is losing ground everywhere. In all faiths worldwide. Good news for mankind’s future.
      It’s hard to imagine a “default” position of a Homo sapiens. It would probably be more like an animal. The moment we are born we are influenced by family and society. Religion and a religious thoughts are a cultural thing and are inherited. One of those poisonous traits that die hard.
      It’s laughable how believers think their fantasies could overcome reality (Magic!). It’s no position, its a fault.

    • Atheism is, indeed, flatly fideistic. There is no positive evidence for it. If one believes there are no other minds, such is neither a lack of a position or the default position of thinking men. I could never be sillywilly enough to believe the ex nihilo nihil fit superstition. Can’t take the double blind leap. Fideistic, not founded.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 8, 2019

      Your seemingly inability to understand the definition of reason and repetition of a flawed argument doesn’t proof your position. Atheism is free of faith and believe. Therefore it can’t be fideistic as it is a decision by reason and observation to accept a world without a creator. Religion can not prove its claims in a higher being as such creature is not existant. Gods do not exist as there is not even a fact based theoretical hint or even a neccessity in their existence. The universe came into being by itself without intervention of a creator. We can observe these perfect laws of nature because this is the way the universe does work “properly”. Wouldn’t it, it would have failed, vanished and we couldn’t discuss its workings as we also wouldn’t exist. Without these perfect coincidents you couldn’t invent your fantasy deities out of fear. Fear of the insignificance of life. Though it is so easy. If you seek meaning in your life then give it meaning yourself. Bronze age fairy tales and poisonous, perverted and twisted morals are no reliable source for a meaningful life in the 21st century.

    • Nope. Irrational and fideistic. Can’t do it; committed to reality.

    • I believe that your religion is a delusion — the only true religion is the church of the flying spaghetti monster. Now you prove me wrong..

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 8, 2019

      He can’t even prove the existence of his own god. Instead he repeats the same wrong assumption over and over again. Like a parrot. That’s what you learn in church. Repeating the same nonsense over and over again until you believe the most rediculous BS.

    • Fideistic. Zero positive evidence for the atheist’s irrational position. Sad. Also funny.

    • Alternative Fact November 9, 2019

      Classic projection here: “I have unfounded irrational beliefs therefor everyone must!” Mr. Fideism I’m not sure if you’re a troll or just willfully ignorant and dishonest in your arguments bro. It’s not too hard to understand that some people simply haven’t bought into religion, nor have any need for it. Atheism is a belief system like bald is a hair color. If religion didn’t exist, or if all dogmatic religion simply vanished, there wouldn’t really be any atheist “movement” or social groups. There is no atheist holy book, core doctrine, or agenda other than keeping dogmatic religion out of places it doesn’t belong. I have no problem with others believing whatever they feel gives their lives more meaning (provided they’re not doing any harm to anyone in the process) so I have no problem with religion as a concept and I understand why it exists. Virtually all atheists would be equally disgusted by depriving a religious person’s right to believe as they are seeing people try to force their beliefs on others. I respect and love my religious brothers, up until they point they try to inject their personal beliefs into public schools and the legislature. Personal beliefs should be just that: personal.

      Is my “position” sad? I live a very prosperous life full of love and laughter. Personally I find the idea of living in the prison of religious thinking to be pretty sad. Both my parents identified as Christian and I often think that the best thing they ever did for me was be too lazy to take me to church and thus escaped the routine childhood indoctrination. Hearing about families torn apart because a child or relative doesn’t believe the same crap they do is pretty sad though. Institutionalized bigotry towards gays, minorities, and women, also pretty sad. Clinging on to the parts of the Bible that justify said bigotry while ignoring other parts that conveniently no longer apply, now that’s just as funny as it is sad.

      I don’t need “positive evidence” to not believe in the Loch Ness Monster, and I don’t think you do either. I have no need or reason to believe in such a creature, that’s it.

    • Zero positive evidence whatsoever for the irrational position of atheism. None. Zip. Nada. Foolhardy. Lethal. Fideistic.

    • Zero positive evidence whatsoever for the irrational position of religion. None. Zip. Nada. Foolhardy. Lethal. Fideistic

    • The burden of proof is on the one denying what over 94% knows. The atheist child in his jammies in his folks’ basement just doesn’t like the fact his emperor has no clothes. Fideist.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 9, 2019

      Actually the burden of proof is on the deists side. They have to proof there is a god. Many people “knowing” something doesn’t make it reality. (And it’s much less than 94%, sorry.) Only facts can proof the existence of a god. And there are none.
      Atheists don’t have to proof anything. Because there is nothing to be be approved. There is no need of a proof of “nothing”.
      It’s hard for believers to get this concept. When indoctrinated by religion, facts don’t matter. Even what you see with your own eyes won’t matter. Believers are programmed to ignore all proofs against their faith. – Work of the devil!
      Many words written here – still no proof of a deity presented. Just insults in the name of god.

    • There is no emperor.

    • Nyah. When 94% know otherwise because your position is just so, so bad you can’t convince anyone…the burden is yours. But understand you have nothing to argue with at your side. No positive evidence. You’re fideistic.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 10, 2019

      I have positive evidence, btw. If god would exist I wouldn’t.
      Well, here I am, god isn’t. Your faith nor your prayers can change that.

    • So, if most people believe the earth is flat, that would make the earth flat?

    • You are trying to convince a mentally ill person that he’s mentally ill.

    • ^ You’re correct about atheists. Above 94% reject atheism and flat earthism for the identical reason. Nothing can rationally change you, as you’re a fideist.

    • “If god would exist I wouldn’t.”

      Just why is that?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 10, 2019

      Read the bible. >>> All of it. <<< Then you will know.

    • You’re making as much sense here as in typical atheist tacks. It’s why you can’t convince anyone. It’s also why you have to be fideists.

    • Your proof god does not exist is a book you don’t believe?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 11, 2019

      You don’t have to believe in a book to read it. You just put it in front of my eyes and go for it. Try it once in a while.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 11, 2019

      Your eyes. My eyes wont help you with that.

    • You can give it up, Atheist Freedom Fighter. You had the better arguments but they will not admit their defeat. That what fanatics do. Like children lashing out. Their brains are damaged and lost.

    • I bet none of them has read the bible in full *lol* i know people did and theyy became atheists

    • Not afraid of thunder November 11, 2019

      Even islam is losing believers btw. Religion is dying out slowly.

    • Atheist fruit loops is an antitheist and believes it with all the conviction of a born again christian. It just can’t admit that to itself.

    • ^ HaHa: You’re absolutely correct in all you’ve stated but you can’t reason with a fideist. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover more than once and some parts perhaps 50 times, and the NT in Greek. I teach on the subject of whether theism is substantiated at the university level, and have in three countries. To think someone as insignificant and small his this ranter could wear out the Almighty is a howler. Let him go his own way; he’s a near solipsist that talks to others like himself in an inbred fashion.

    • A whole live devoted to god, but not able to provide a single proof of his existence. Pathetic.

    • Ah, the passé attempt of the tail to wag the dog. Another howler!

    • Yet another failure to provide a proof.

    • Not afraid of thunder November 12, 2019

      Teaching religion to kids is child abuse.

    • Burden of proof remains on the flat earther/ex nihilo nihil fit tiny atheist minority. Everyone else already knows.

    • You are teaching about your imaginary friend — that places the burden of proof squarely with you. That other people are ‘in the know’, without having any proof either, makes them equally deluded to you. In any field of science, ‘in the know’ has no value without proof.
      By the way, of those supposedly 94% ‘in the know’, a majority will say their god is the right one while yours is a fake. So also among people ‘in the know’, your god does not exist.

    • Burden’s yours, flat earther.

    • When I teach my students classical mechanics, simple repeatable experiments show that it works. I also tell them that there are limits to the validity. That’s the teacher’s obligation. You are dodging your obligation as a teacher, thereby deluding yourself and your students.

    • Teaching kids religion is abuse.

    • The tiny minority, never able to convince anyone, has the onus.

    • So you are one of those sad teachers teaching a subject they haven’t mastered themselves. And you blame the critical student that caught you in a lie. Evidently, with religion lacking any evidence, it does not belong at schools.

    • Not at all; I just am not being manipulated by someone with a really absurd worldview into changing the point. You cannot convince anyone ‘cause your position is hideously stupid, that is why you have such laughingly small numbers, and the onus is yours. That’s where the point lies.

    • Asteriod of Facts November 14, 2019

      Small numbers are growing. Believers, the dinosaurs of the 21st century. Atheist mammals are on the rise.

    • You talk to an imaginary friend and call those that don’t hideously stupid? Hilarious. Regarding the ‘laughingly small numbers’, in my part of the world (Europe) religious people are already a minority. Since you are the one spending your time on discussions with god, and on teaching other people on this topic, the burden of proof is entirely yours. I teach my students when classical mechanics applies, but you shirk from your responsibilities as a teacher. Very sad. Maybe god can help you in providing a proof, if only (s)he existed…

    • Ex nihilo nihil fit, Flat Earther.

    • One can easily assume that people who believe in magical judges in the sky would also believe in an evil orange clown who says he’s working in your best interests.

    • And what is your hypothetical god made of, fake teacher?
      By the way, few people ever believed the earth was flat. The idea that people ever believed so is a modern myth. But every Tom, Dick and Harry believes it, like they also believe in a god.

    • You believe because every Tom, Dick and Harry believes. No rational required. Rational only destroys your believe. Fake teacher.

    • You only believe because in the old days everybody believed. There is no deeper rational involved. Any question on a proof of the existence of a god is systematically avoided, because it threatens to ruin the business model of keeping the people dumb and subdued to the fear of a god.

  7. You can’t expect too much of them, NetJunkie. They really have no clue that there’s absolutely nothing “socialist” about public toilets.

    • In fact Americans have no clue about anything “socialist”. Their “socialists” are ultra-conservatives in the rest of the world. Their republicans are middle-ages. Putiran States of America.

  8. US are screwed. Republicans care only for the rich, democrats care only about immigrants and some gender confused people. Like in Europe, if you swap republicans for conservatives and democrats for socialists. I’m moving to a cabin in the woods.

    • The only reason to move to a cabin are all those right-winged, homophobe, racist, middle-classed idiots trying to get in power.
      Make the cabin a fortress. Because those rightard fascists will come to make you live the way they want you to. If they have no control over you, you are their enemy.

  9. Jürgen Jensen November 1, 2019

    Conservative Americans must love Socialist Germany and Socialist Denmark. There you pay to use many of the the so called public toilets.

    • Socialist Germany failed 1989 and was reunited with the capitalist West-Germany 1990.

    • ‘Capitalist’ Gemany has all the social goodies you are opposed to. It is communist Germany that failed.

  10. The Nose On Your Face November 1, 2019

    Bring back pay toilets and make feminists mad.

    • The Ear on the Side of Your Head November 1, 2019

      Easy to say for someone who can basicly take number 1 whereever he wants. And probably does… then complains about the smell in the streets.

    • Or do like they do in California and just go in the streets. Look up the feces report map website for a laugh. San Francisco is covered in it.

    • So the US are a third world sh*t-hole country.

    • Just the larger cities which vote democrat. So…kind of like most of Europe.

    • We have no such shitholes though. Looks like you Americans are doing something wrong. And blame others for your misery. As always. The good old times of the American dream are just folklore these days. From tough to flabby.

    • Keep telling yourself that lie until you believe it. Who is rioting in Paris this week? Leftists, non-assimilating immigrants, workers, islamists? Greta the climate kook is relatively safe from Sweden’s Islamic crime while in the US. I wonder how many don’t crap in the street signs London has hung up. At least the Iraqi animal who raped and killed the 14 year old German girl will spend a few years in prison.

      But, yes, Europe is a lovely place except for the people.

    • This week? No one. You know more? Some refreshed clips from the Fox archive maybe? The rest of the blah is not worthy answering. And the Brits don’t want to be Europeans anymore. So, that fits. They can crap in their streets like the half Americans they are. – Though there is a rumor it’s the American tourists crapping all over the place. Don’t know, me no British. And wow, another not specified rape story about a criminal among thousand innocent people. Still, most rapists in Germany are Germans. Mostly in the family. Same in the US and the rest of the world. Populist crap as usual. Better check your own family before you blame strangers.

      I would not trade a hundred USAs against one Europe. USA lost their worth, their soul and their culture. All that is left is a hollow shell.

    • Zivilisierter Widerstand November 3, 2019

      Rape rates in the U.S. are 3 times higher than that in Germany. EUro is right. Populist BS.

    • lol, triggered snowflakes.

    • However, thank you for pointing out how unsafe the democrat-run large cities of America have become.

    • I don’t see them triggered. wtf?

    • Rightard superiority dreams and reality denial. That’s all. And it’s not treatable very easy, experts say. It’s a real psychological condition.

    • Haha’ s psychosis was triggered by icnidents in his childhood

    • lol, liberals are so funny when their views are challenged.

    • What makes you think all of us are liberals? Trapped in your bubble. Come back to the human society.

  11. For a small company adding a third bathroom is quite an expense to appease less than 5% of the population. Solving this is easy, just make every bathroom gender neutral. If Betty needs to drop a massive deuce while Fred is peeing and Zee is tinkling or whatever special thing they do, fine. A whole lot of people need to get over themselves anyway.

    • Yeah, investing in the employees well-being is too socialist. Just use three buckets.

  12. You keep making the mistake that all GOP voters look like this, talk like this and think like this. You were wrong in 2016 and you will be wrong in 2020. So people just don’t learn.

    • As they have no problem being associated with such “this” I don’t see a problem. If the shoe fits…

  13. Demorat Cali just let’s you shit in the street. Fake news

  14. Remember it’s only bad if you THINK Trump did something and not if Dems actually do it.

    Karl Marx said that to discredit your opponent accuse them of something you did.

    • Crooked Trump November 6, 2019

      We all know know Trump a lot of something. Many wrongs and plenty of crime. He’s a professional criminal.

  15. Above 94% reject atheism and flat earthism for the identical reason. Nothing can rationally change you, as you’re a fideist.

    • Your numbers are fake. Most American christians think the earth is flat. 96% at least. Atheism can safe humanity into a brighter future. Religion condems mankind to a never ending darkness in pain and agony.

  16. I would expect an atheist not to know the facts. You have reinforced my expectations in spades. Your fideism is cultish.

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