American Asking for a Fight, Abroad



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  1. Sporty McSportster June 28, 2016

    Nothing better than a grueling 60 minute nil – nil draw.

    • game lasts 90 minutes, Einstein
      american variety lasts 5min of actual gameplay + 3 hours of ads

    • Oh – WELL EXCUSE ME!!!!! 90 minutes of extreme tedium for a nil – nil draw! Well that certainly makes all the difference IN THE WORLD! Is soccer still played with someone’s head in a burlap sack? My, that would CERTAINLY pep things up!

    • I also really like when one of the soccer ‘players’ take a flop and roll around on the ground in agony when a member of the opposing team barely touches them. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

    • In Engla,d they call that ” flop and roll ” you speak of ” a LeBron “

  2. Millwall Lion June 28, 2016

    Only a sucker calls it soccer. Go home and play your “football” or padded sissy rugby, as we called it

    • Watching what the English Team did on Monday, you can’t call that football either. I think the word for that is Fumbling.
      @Sporty McSportster: Or american football when both teams play a running game, or any length of Baseball. Almost lethal.

    • The Good German June 29, 2016

      Hahaha, I was waiting for a Brit to send this.

    • American hand egg, I mean football, is still more fun to watch than cricket. I think cricket was invented so people would have an excuse to drink.

    • The term ‘soccer’ derives from ‘association football’. You should know that, Millwall Lion.

  3. This ********** ,….

  4. That’s actually the Martyrs’ Memorial in Oxford. It’s inscription reads “… near this spot yielded their bodies to be burned, bearing witness to the sacred truths which they had affirmed and maintained against the errors of people calling football soccer”.

  5. Hell Toupee June 29, 2016

    And yet “soccer” is a term that originated in England…

  6. Italiano Medio June 29, 2016

    LOL, just like the “An american werewolf in London/Paris” movies. The only difference is this guy is a TROLL.

  7. Intl nationalist June 29, 2016

    Football is like metric, only retards think it’s something else (egghand that is).

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob June 29, 2016

    I told Joe Bob this ain’t our problem. We got no dealings with any of those countries what plays that Englis/Frenchie “football.” Joe Bob, he can’t keep his mouth shut, says that game over there looks a lot like a little kids game played on a school yard during recess what with all them fellows running back and forth. Some of them must not be very tough cause they seem to fall down a lot like they was dying from just the littlest push. But, I told J.B. to not git involved.

  9. Bah, if you *really* want to piss them off, call it “English Football”, every time you refer to it, even multiple times in the same sentence.

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