So Ungrateful…

Simba sings an entire song about how he "just can't wait" to be king... Then when someone finally helps speed up succession, we don't even hear a "thank you".

7 thoughts on “So Ungrateful…”

  1. …and a parent dies. A common story arc since My 3 Sons. At least Buzz Light year isn’t sniffing Simba’s hair.

  2. Buzz Gay Year. Fail.

  3. It’s all about the grooming

  4. ^ Losers, this is an image board for funny pictures, not a personal blog for angry incels who compensate for their own failings by punching down at others.

  5. They insult others trying to mask their own insecurities but even if it doesn’t work they keep on trying. At least they are consistent.

  6. 3 sons abused by their father. Sad story.

  7. Consistent prey is the easiest.

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