So Ungrateful…


Simba sings an entire song about how he "just can't wait" to be king... Then when someone finally helps speed up succession, we don't even hear a "thank you".


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  1. Orlando is Little Saint James Island June 24, 2022

    …and a parent dies. A common story arc since My 3 Sons. At least Buzz Light year isn’t sniffing Simba’s hair.

  2. Anonymous June 25, 2022

    ^ Losers, this is an image board for funny pictures, not a personal blog for angry incels who compensate for their own failings by punching down at others.

    • Peter the Mediocre June 25, 2022

      They insult others trying to mask their own insecurities but even if it doesn’t work they keep on trying. At least they are consistent.

    • Funny guy June 30, 2022

      Consistent prey is the easiest.

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