Too Many Male CEO’s!



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  1. Maybe women are just too smart to start working in a dying industry. Only delusional Trump supporters think coal is the future. I used to work in coal business. I quit and changed profession before the mine closed.
    Also the CEO job is easy to handle with a woman’s body. You need brain. Garbage collecting might not. It sums up to some tons a day. You need muscle. If we men are so superior why aren’t more of us in toilet cleaning? Concerning such memes and posts here on eatliver we have a lot of qualified male members for the job.

    • I changed my mind. I think feminists don’t want same duties, only same rights.

    • AGW Denying Bob, and his lovely 401k October 3, 2018

      ARLP up 20 percent with a 10 percent dividend. :laugh:

    • Considering that about 30% of all electricity generated in the US is from coal, it’s not dying any time soon. Another 30% comes from natural gas, much of which is recovered from coal beds. That is nearly quadruple of all forms of renewables combined. If you are that worried about coal, you should have your electricity turned off, as much of it is likely from coal or natural gas.

  2. Chuck, chuck, cuck.

  3. Proudtobeawoman October 3, 2018

    As an older woman, I grew up in the 70s when girls were not taught anything technical but had to learn sewing and cooking and baby care. We fought hard to be accepted as equal – such as wearing trousers in school/work etc. However, the new generation of women – a lot of them are just stupid fanatics. The facts are these: Men are physically stronger than women so can perform harder tasks which require physical strength – deal with it. Men and women are of the same intelligence so if the job or task is about brainwork then any gender can do it. We are not superior, girls, we are intellectually equal but that’s about it. Get over yourselves.

    • The Old Man on the Mount Alamut October 3, 2018

      Good comment. Even a man like myselfs gets it.

    • In germany, when many men did not come back from WW II and cities were in ruins, women were strong in rebuilding the cities.
      And men can change diapers, too. After throwing up a few times. :-)

      the real issue are the biased hiring decisions. this does not go away any time soon.

    • True, many companies or employees don’t even accept women in some jobs. Then blame the women for not working in that field.

  4. The qualities that men praise other men for having, and hire men for management positions for having, are the qualities that men disparage women for having. A “take-charge” man vs a “bossy” woman. An “alpha” man vs a “bitchy” woman.

    The fact is that men do not want women as CEOs, and men control who becomes CEOs.

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