Sincere Apology




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  1. Notsatisfied August 12, 2017

    This may be the least funny thing I have seen all day, even though I agree with the point.

  2. Mouth of Sauron August 12, 2017

    Language is not to be used negligently.

  3. Some Guy Somewhere August 13, 2017

    See my comment in “cartoon??” below. Two in a row.

  4. It just goes to show you what a JOKE “politically correct” speech is!

  5. eatliver is a faggy retarded site, I tell you that.

  6. Funny. It’s “pejorative”, though.

  7. Watches the news August 19, 2017

    The media has failed to condemn the Islamic terrorist attacks in Barcelona harshly enough. They are fail.

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