So Lonely… For Some Strange Reason


What's bothering you? I'm always lonely, doctor. But I don't suppose a subhuman halfwit like you can tell me why.


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  1. … and he voted for Trump. Of course.

  2. And he’s triple vaccinated of course.

  3. He voted for Justine Socks Trudeau, of course.

  4. Nooo! He voted for Biden. The greatest mind the world has ever seen… of course.

  5. Clearly an anti vaxxer

  6. Of course he is lonely, he shouldn’t have taken that horse dewormer… No worms left.

  7. Cobra Cobr Cobra September 26, 2021

    If she would just allow him to sniff her hair it would diffuse the situation.

  8. Dear vaccinated,

    The unvaccinated did not take away your freedom. The Government did.

    The unvaccinated are not holding your freedoms at ransom. The Government is.

    If the unvaccinated are a danger to you, then the mandatory vaccine doesn’t work.

    If it does, then you should already be free.

    The Government has lied to you.

    • Dear antivaxxer,
      The government is forced to implement measures that affect the freedom of all of us to protect those who can’t be vaccinated from the irresponsibility of you unvaccinated.
      Therefore it is indeed the unvaccinated who are the cause. We might not he held at ransom but you extend all the suffering and dying.
      You are a danger to those who can’t be vaccinated. We vaccinated might not be in danger, but we can get infected and there is a danger we might spread it to those said non-vaccinable.
      We are free but try to protect the weak and those we love.
      The government is right. I hope there will more pressure on the unvaccinated (those by choice).

    • ooooh big scary government!

      It’s funny how many American right wingers think they are being oppressed. We have fewer restrictions than any other first world country on the planet. Everyone thought Sweden was a great example until they were getting covid too. They require vaccines and/or tests just like all the other countries.

      Relax. It’s not like you are living in New Zealand or Australia.

      P.S. Vaccines wont hurt you. We’ve been using them for hundreds of years. George Washington required his troops to get vaccinated. It saved lives, and we didn’t turn into a police state because of it.

  9. You understand that the vaccinated can and do spread the virus right? So your point is completely meaningless. The vaccines don’t stop the spread. Even lying Dr TV admits that. The vaccine does not work on the delta variant. If your vaccinated YOU ARE STILL A SPREADER. Your the same as an anti vaxxer. Read something!

    • The point about vaccination is to reduce the reproduction rate of the virus, the number of new infections caused by an infected person, to below 1 such that the virus gradually runs out of new victims. Vaccinated people spread less than the unvaccinated, keeping the reproduction rate of delta below 1. Which is why many states/countries are gradually lifting restrictions. The unvaxxed have a reproduction rate above 1, enabling the virus to make as many victims as possible.

  10. You should read something yourself…it’s plainly said in the comment they can still potentially spread it. Pay attention and think before you make a comment, genius.

  11. So take the vax, still wear the mask and social distance still risk getting, spreading and dying of Covid. Mmmm okay. The people that have not taken the vax are not wanting, they are not hesitant. They are not going to take it EVER. And one can be dumb enough to put that crap into their children. The mandates are designed to collapse the healthcare system and it’s worked. The Governments jackbooted thugs on the streets can’t last forever. Even the vaxxed are tired of the big lie. So what now? 70 of blacks will never take it. Are they just going to kill them? The jig is up. The numbers are in. Deal with it.

    • You can’t heal stupid. Everyone is ok with the antivaxxers dying. Just please don’t infect those who can’t be vaxxed before you pass away.

    • If you don’t trust the doctors, be sure to treat yourself at home when you get COVID.

  12. “Everyone is okay with the antivaxxers dying.” Germany in the 1930s repeating itself. Now I understand how it could happen again. Thanks for that.

    • Germany in the 1930s has been repeating itself in the USA since 2016: people blindly following a self-proclaimed leader with “great ideas” for his superior nation, believing everything he says and obeying his wishes — even if they have deadly consequences. To be fair on the Germans: their leader never won the elections, nor was he as incompetent as the stable genius.

    • Hm, he was quite imcompetent. But true, not like Orange Man. Another kind of lunatic.

    • Cleanse the Earth of idiots. September 29, 2021

      Germany 1930 had nothing to do with people being too stupid to take a life saving medicine and screaming egomaniac tantrums about wearing a piece of cloth on their foul mouth to protect others.
      Comparing yourself with those chased and killed by the Nazi regime is disgusting. No one is hunting you. No one is putting you into a concentration camp. And no one is shoving you into an oven because you are too stupid to get vaccinated or to wear a mask.
      Except after COVID KILLED YOU, maybe. That depends on your cultures rites or your families finances.

  13. None of that ever happened

    • Stating that is a crime in many countries that can be with punished with prison time. If authorities find your post you might overthink leaving the US ever.

  14. I’ll take thing’s that are never going to happen for 500 Alex.

  15. So the US senate brought up the UK and Israel’s Covid number on the house floor. Finally some truth hits the US. Numbers don’t lie. The jabs don’t work and natural immunity is the best play.

    • Relying on natural immunity is the best play to maximize the number of victims.

    • The numbers from the UK show that the unvaccinated are much more likely to die from a covid infection than the vaccinated. But counting is not the republican’s forte.

    • If some republican nutjob brought those numbers they are fake 105%.

  16. Well we’ll see. Jabbed people spread more virus then the unvaxxed people with natural immunity. In the end, when vaxxed people are getting their Bi annual dose of whatever the Government and big pharma is trying next so they don’t die the unvaxxed natural immunity group will be just fine. But we won’t gloat about. Just cause our lives have been pretty normal since we kicked it’s butt, doesn’t mean we are smarter or healthier. Just not scared anymore.

    • A fool's game October 2, 2021

      Still it’s anvaccinated people filling the ICUs not the vaccinated. Natural immunity seems to be a deadly gamble when there is a simple solution to avoid death. Vaccines.

  17. That’s not true. Vaccinated people are dying just as often as unvaccinated people now. If you add in all the people who died FROM the vaccines and the people who have had severe life shorting adverse reactions to the vaccine the risk are equal. If you elderly and have co morbidities take the jab. If your healthy with no co morbidities, depending on your age, it might be prudent to wait. But it’s an individual choice. You can’t bully people into getting it and the over blown hatred towards the unvaccinated is all just gas lighting. The numbers from the CDC, The WHO, the information from Israel etc.. are proof. Do what you choose, your an adult but you have no right to bully people anymore. Norway, Singapore and other countries have lifted all restrictions because as Everyone knows it’s no longer a pandemic. Covid is endemic now. It’s here forever like the flu.

    • An unvaccinated person is about 10 times more likely to die from the virus than an unvaccinated. The reproduction rate of the virus is below 1 among the vaccinated (i.e. on the way out) but well above 1 among the unvaccinated (i.e. on the rise). Deaths from adverse reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare. Restrictions are being lifted in countries where the people are protected by high vaccination rates. Only the poorly informed are still playing russian roulette.

  18. I wish that were true. But as you must know, those numbers your stating are wrong. The vaccinated are dying just as often now. See Israel, the UK, the higher vaccination rates for an area the more break through infections occur. And the jabs wear off, leaving the vaccinated with a severely damaged immune system. Boosters for life is their only hope. These are not conspiracy theory’s anymore. They are the facts. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is. That’s why people with PhD’s have such a low vaccination rate. You can look that up yourself.

    • There is an interesting map of where the last 100,000 US covid victims died. Have a look and stop spreading your non-sense.

  19. 76% of of Vermont’s deaths were vaccinated. It jig is up. The vaccines don’t work.

    • The vast majority of the last 100,000 victims was unvaccinated. Because that does not agree with your fantasy, you try do counter this based on 33 deaths in Vermont. You filed you statistics exam with an F.

    • Those antivaxxers. They spew their lies like their deltas.

  20. Facts don’t lie superspreader.

    • Facts don’t lie, indeed. In a highly unethical experiment, millions of Americans are proving daily that the survival rates of the unvaxxed are way lower than those of the vaxxed.

  21. Like the Americans in Vermont where the vaxxed are dying at higher rates then the unvaxxed? The industrial level propaganda from the Left controlled media is failing. Things like New York firing thousands of unvaccinated Doctors and nurses and replacing them with unvaccinated National Guard Troops. National Guard has until June 2022 to be vaxxed. This is happening all over their country. Intentionally causing a nation health crisis that has allowed them to “Ration Care”, a nice word for death panels. Do you ever even look at the numbers from the CDC? If your vaccinated you will get Covid. Keep drinking the koolaid..

  22. Unlike you, I have looked at the numbers from the CDC: the vaccine works.

  23. Safe and effective 😂🤣. Lets jab the kids too! I mean this stuff has been around for almost a year. We know everything about the long term effects already. Even though their still testing it on humans as we speak. You can’t fix stupid.

    • Every baby that is born contains a DNA combination that has never before be tested on humans.

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