So Confusing…



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  1. Half Life 3 confirmed!

  2. Hard Truths November 8, 2014

    Progress, baby, Progress. Deal with it.

  3. it says, “Washington Redskins tickets are now on sale”.

    • Choctaw for "red people" November 10, 2014

      When the US changes the name of Oklahoma to something less offensive, the Redskins can be forced to change their name. Until then, shut up and stop worrying about being so politically correct.

  4. A steamy novel!

  5. Frank Einstein November 8, 2014

    It reads, “Vote Republican”.

  6. I can't read this stuff November 8, 2014

    Rodriguez can’t read stage direction, he was paid 10 bucks for a silly enviro ad since he looks like an engine, the cue card says shed a tear, but it has to be 100% espaƱol or we have ad fail.

  7. The pigs on the wing are gone.

  8. Caps lock dude, CAPS LOCK

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