Every Damn Time




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  1. It was me all along

  2. Same problems with smokers. The non-smoker will always suffer by the junkies.

  3. I smoke no issue with that

    • What is wrong with you ?
      I mean really

    • I assume that you realize that you are replying to the idiot hijacker?

      At any rate, above is one of a thousand reasons I hate camping.

  4. I hate liberals

    • And we have a mixture of contempt and pity for you.

    • Translation of U-Max:

      “I’m secretly hot for liberals.”

    • As he should be. We’re less concerned about keeping our hair and makeup intact and more concerned with keeping up an active and enthusiastic sex life.

  5. Actually it’s not imagination. The area in front of you creates a low pressure zone which draws the smoke toward you from the higher pressure fire area.

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