Putin’s Poodle




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  1. Ha ha
    This is so fake!
    If Putin were to mess with that hair, he’d end up with a tupé on his hand.

  2. Not funny, ’cause it’s true.

  3. But first baltic states.
    Plus: Dump’s hands are too big.

  4. The cartoonist drew Obama really *queer*.
    That’s how OBoy has NO respect from a single world leader.

    • @Kauf Buch: I love you. I really LOVE you. You know… Like *love*. Can we meet? I want to hold your hand…

    • The Good German December 24, 2016

      His small hand.

    • The Good German December 24, 2016

      Before that happens, be sure, will take up arms and use american ammunition. Your little marble balls.

  5. gobsmacked scientist December 24, 2016

    this joke does not play very well – russia has tried to invade finland in the past and it did not end well for russia. I say let them try again, they will never win.

    • Oh man, you should see the state of the youth of Finland today, we would not stand a chance…

    • Luckily the state of russian military contrary to their propaganda isn’t as good as well. Their newest battletank failed to make it trough a parade. Their planes fall from the sky instead of landing on their carrier. So, your winchance has risen.

  6. Comrade Zero would draw red line and surrender

  7. unbookmarked

  8. Scary because it’s true :(
    Hillary presidency would have been bad, but you just have to look at Obama to know what you are getting.
    Trump, ugh. US gonna slip back into middle ages governing, if he doesn’t start a nuclear holocaust first.

    • Putin had already said that most of Hillary’s “plan” for Syria would have constituted a declaration of war. Trump MIGHT cause some sorts of political turmoil, Hillary WOULD have started World War III.

    • stryphylokok December 26, 2016

      And we believe good guy Putin, right? I mean, he must have hacked Hillary once again to get “her plan”. Doesn’t he? Such a nice man. Instead of brining war to Syria he’s bombing filthy civilians, schools and children. Well done.

  9. The Germans had much better outcomes annexing Finland than Russia ever had.
    Why does Tarja sing most of her songs in English and Russian and not in Finish.

  10. It’s funny because liberals go into a complete frenzy when it’s Trump who makes unfounded claims.

  11. The trichome head December 26, 2016

    Uh yeah, it’s not like Trump has any street smarts so he knows what’s really going on or anything O__o
    What a cucked up cartoon!

  12. Finland Lie! December 28, 2016

    There is no such place. r/finlandconpiracy for the truth.

  13. good. it is good

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