Sloth Kittens




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  1. These could actually be a thing.

  2. Cats with sloth noses, cats with people faces, cats posing like models, cats riding elephants….. I’m. So. Sick. Of. Cats!

  3. Neongodziller September 6, 2016

    Crispr/Cas9 rules! Slottens: Slow moves, slow meows, slow craps.

  4. WTF? Why mix ugly sloths with a perfect, fabulous animal? Begone, nasty creature!
    Kittens > Sloth Kittens/Sloths
    PS Eatliver : get your act together! This site need more posts about cats. Pure cats. 100% cats.

  5. yeah cats and sloths are adorable. But combined nooooooo. Never again will i want to look at sloths.

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