Awkward Gallery of Squatting Russians



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  1. His comb-over is the king of all comb-overs. Actually, it is the Czar of all comb-overs. And WTF is on her tiny little feet? Russian Cookie Monster?

  2. Understandable. The chair wasn’t available in Russia until after the dissolve of the USSR.

  3. Actually it comes from criminal culture – inmates in prisons squat in a circle when discussing something, as it keeps the noise down. Also keeps low profile quite literally.

    • What about Australians, then?

    • exactly; gangster shit

    • I’m pretty sure it comes from crapping into holes in the ground and has nothing to do with prison culture. Asians do this, and also crap into holes in the ground vs using sit down toilets.

    • correct. its because of the lack of space in holding cells.

  4. Are there ANY good looking Russians??? I’d be celibate in that country!!!!

    • Mark Gitmans April 13, 2014

      Clearly not. This is why Hitler called Russians “untermenschen”, planned to raze their cities, enslave their people and put them to work to create resorts and “lebensraum” for the nicer looking and better-dressed people in the West some 70 years ago. Please do travel to Russia and stay celibate – the world cannot afford you.

    • Do you really think that all Russian people look this way? Evidently, not. The worst photos are shown here, dont be a lazy ass and find other photos of Russian ppl. Russia is a great country with rich history.

    • lol. you could not be more wrong….

  5. Also, home of the tracksuit.

    • Mark Gitmans April 13, 2014

      South London is the “home of the tracksuit” mate surely?
      Just add local accessories?

  6. like planking fad only better

  7. is that Paul Senior (from Orange County Choppers) on the tv in the first pic? haha

  8. Who jumped the shark? April 11, 2014

    At least that beats the nitwits who love sagging in America.

  9. pickledsilly April 11, 2014

    saddest M and M’s ever…..

  10. Pondering Panda April 11, 2014

    Is there a law that states you need to have a cigarette, alcohol and/or Addidas tracksuit in all pictures taken of you?

  11. im sure i’ve seen the man in the first photo in lord of the rings…

  12. Tzar Vodka April 12, 2014

    In Soviet Russia, room squats on you.

  13. Why is it written in Romanian language on the wall? Picture # 14

    • That is not Romanian, that looks like Russian with latin alphabet, suki means bitches in Russian :D

    • Could also be in Moldova

  14. Mark Gitmans April 13, 2014

    Woe betide the loose tracksuit garment! So uncool. So not like downtown LA. Any untermensch East of Warsaw deserves what they get for shopping at Walmart and should be put to work digging resorts and creating lebensraum for us groovy, free-thinkers in the cultured West. Adolf Hitler I’m sure would agree.

  15. I’m Russian but I don’t see any Russian word written in lating letters. The word suki is some other languages too.

    • Michael, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but, in case you’re woenrnidg why nobody seems to want to pay you for what you write, the time has come for some self-reflection.Alexander Litvinenko was murdered for what he wrote, Michael. You know that, and you also know that the book is banned in Russia. You also know how to use a search engine. One more thing you know how to do is ruin what small amount of credibility you had with sophistry.I understand that you’re a Putin supporter, and I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt by saying that you once naively believed that he was a good man who would do good things for Russia, just as so many believed the same about Hitler and what he would do for Germany. But now the gig is up.

  16. Татьяна April 14, 2014

    Здесь нет ни одной фотографии русских, это , скорее всего бывшие советские республики, возможно – Украина.

    • да конечно как же видно что и украинскиеи фото есть и русские по роже пропитой видно…чмошники. росия тухлая страна

    • oh how very convenient no? hahaha NO NOTHING BAD COMES FROM RUSSIA, right? hahaha

    • Who is the girl next to the comb over guy?
      Such beauty!!!
      I have an internet crush

  17. I think #6 lives in Williamsburg.

  18. ruSSian – moscal!

  19. There are no mountains in Russia, the statement on the wall (pic#13) is not written in Russian. Most pictures are from different places than Russia. Gypsies from Romania maybe… or someone like this…

    • There are no mountains in Russia? Haha!

    • No mountains in Russia. At least I’ve never seen mountains here for all my life. Mountains in the Caucases only. But it can be count as Russia.

    • *can’t be counted Russia

    • no mountains in Russia??? Errr Sochi isnt in Russia then? ur saying the biggest country in the world has NO it just has no human rights, rule of law, democracy or taste!

  20. Love Mini Me

  21. Гопота

  22. wow they like there smokes in russia dont they

  23. Adidas. Adidas everywhere .

  24. Gaz,Maz,Kamaz… vsjo u nas :D

  25. No comment

  26. Anonymous May 27, 2014

    Did anyone notice the really long toes on the 10th picture?

  27. This is so weird a posture to take to show power or dominance. It would only make their head closer to my boot to kick. Their center of gravity teeters precariously. This is bizzare.

  28. TSP. Totally Stupid People.

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