Church Sings That Are Actually Funny



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  1. Free&FakeAmerican April 30, 2017

    Trump voters should have read the last one. Total losers. So sad. Period.

  2. Signs.. but sings seems apt!

    • Apply now! May 1, 2017

      Eatliver has internship openings for proofreaders and copy editors.

    • Gordon Freeman May 1, 2017

      gman, seeing that Valve is never going to release Half Life 3, can you fill us in on how the story ends?

  3. Ha! Just looked up half life …you and the protagonist of the game have the same name!uncanny.

  4. No religious nuts here, just realists. It’s the economy, the MONEY, and how we are being globally mugged. Leftards are mystified by the idea that we need to protect our interests or they will disappear. That goes for every freedom you hold dear. Little we have left.

    • Funny thing about that – the things you hate about the left? Unions, minimum wage, a social safety net, national healthcare and so forth? THOSE are things that protect our interests. Gutting the EPA, gutting education, scamming, cheating, lying, hiring your family to staff the white house, tax cuts for the richest of the rich, etc ad freeakin nauseum… not so much.

  5. ‘Two cannibals were eating a clown – one said to the other: “Does he taste funny to you?”’

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