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  1. It’s funny because the SJW are just that self-aggrandizing.

    • Jon Coleman October 27, 2017

      It’s funny because it is mocking right wing religious nuts who think they should be able to discriminate due to their religion. Kind of the opposite of SJW.

    • Sorry, Jon, YOU LOSE.
      muslims are *hardly* “right wing” nut jobs…
      …just look at how the Left submits to them!
      Good luck on your next try at: “Leftists Wetting Their Pant!es at anything violating their Narrative.”

    • Not so silent majority October 27, 2017

      Yes, all those artists who refused to perform at Trumps inauguration were all right wing nut jobs. But if you’re a baker you better bake gay wedding cakes or the government is going to come down on you hard.The PC and diversity being pushed by the left is going to destroy us. Oh yeah, I find this panel offensive – I demand EatLiver take it down and issue an apology to me.

    • Jon Coleman October 27, 2017

      Wing nuts never let facts get in the way. It isn’t Leftists trying to give religious nuts the ability to discriminate. Good luck living in your moms basement.

    • Jon Coleman is, in fact, correct. The rest of you are the reason Mr. Rattus and I chose not to have children. I would never voluntarily introduce someone I loved to a world where your ilk has any power whatsoever.

    • Your cowardly admittance of defeat is duly noted.

    • Don’t confuse resignation with defeat.

    • Refusing to have kids because someone else has a different belief system than yours is the definition of defeat. Aka a sore loser.

    • So, not having kids is still based on the belief system of one own, the belief not to have kids because of the sick beliefs of others, and you call it just defeat because you deperatly try to be right in your own belief.

    • It’s not a different belief system that caused me to choose a child-free existence. It is the fact (yes, fact) the the hatefully stupid breed with far greater regularity than the thoughtfully intelligent, which will inevitably burden us with a population comprised almost entirely of half-witted bigots and tyrannical morons.

    • Holdit Wadeaminit November 3, 2017

      Yup, same here. Idiocracy is not fiction, but a prophecy.

  2. Only in america.

    • Says the child whose lands have speech “hate crime” laws….

    • Which is good. Your freedom ends where someone else’s is violated. Everything else would be rude, crude and egomaniacish. Like the US. A nation of egomaniacs stealing each others freedom.

    • Spoken like a true totalitarian, EUro.
      *Thanks* for confirming that!

    • Yep, Europe is SO much more advanced that the US.

    • EUro, I feel violated. The police is going there to arrest you.

    • EUro, speech with which you agree NEEDS NO PROTECTION;
      it is exactly that with which you DISAGREE that requires protection.

      Not that totalitarians would ever be able
      to wrap their little minds around that “problematic” concept.

    • @Kauf Buch …says the guy who tells people how to live their lives here over and over again.
      @BigR Since when are you such a fighter for women rights? In the US he would have killed his wife and the black guy next door would go to jail for it.
      @Hein Go on. I doubt you can prove that. You would have to have at least a small bit of dignity and honor to feel that way.
      @Kauf Buch Your hate speech doesn’t deserve protection. You are not the land of the free. Just a huge prison. You have the 2nd highest prison rate worldwide (Seychelles on top) and the walls are being fortified. Please put a lid on that when you have finished.

    • He there boy! Stop that! Euro-Pee'n on my lawn! October 29, 2017

      Europe gave us 2 world wars. Hitler, Marx, Engels, Napoleon, Mary Queen of Scotts, Pope Innocence the 3rd, Stalin, Lennon, pogroms, genocide, death camps.

    • U.S. of A. gave us genocide of native Americans. Burned alive men, women and children, for heresy. Gunboat diplomacy. Bombing of civilians during WWII. Nuclear holocaust in Japan – twice. Worldwide pollution with all kinds of chemical and radioactive waste, including tropical islands stolen from their inhabitants. Destabilized arab states for oil and other resources – resulting in worldwide terror. Destabilized south american states for oil and other resources – resulting in empowerment of druglords. Uncontrolled capitalism, causing multiple worldwide financial crisis, social injustice. Pay-TV, resulting in taste- and brainless TV-shows. Religious nutters. Shootings. Genetically scrambled food. Political imperialism making it worse for everyone elsewhere. Bullying the globe and pissing on human and international rights. Trump.
      We might be even as everything the U.S. of A. does is on a global scale. I’m sure the list could be longer if I had more time.

    • If you look back on the history of Europe, it does not have a clean slate. Europe is much older, and their crimes are just as brutal. I know England has quite a bloody past for sure. Throwing stones in a glass house Euro. Europe isn’t this sinless, golden magic land you are trying to portray. We also have major issues, and a dark past. America is messed up, don’t get me wrong. I think you are being extremely one sided in your rant. I am UK/SA so not just a stupid American, just think you’re being blind to parts of your own history.

    • @Euro I notice that you have no defense of your position, but rather you immediately jump to racism in America. Hate to tell you but you don’t have to go outside of your own borders to find racism, and typically much more brutal than anything you will find on our side of the pond.

    • @Splat Sorry to disappoint you but it wasn’t me who has thrown the first stone concerning attrocities. I just made the count even. If you didn’t understand the postings on this site feel free to ask.
      @BigR You missed the point. Same advice for you.

    • Holdit Wadeaminit November 3, 2017

      BigR, have you read the link you posted? That judge cited the bible (the christian bible I suppose) and this has caused a total outrage. In america Drumpf would make him federal judge.

    • U are a ****…need me to explain that. Shall U translate that into a dialect you can comprehend? Should I flesh burn you as a form of reasoning? Or mass hang you with a bunch of other twits? How about legalised torture till you admit you are a ****? …yes…all Europe. Bite me you over endulged nit wit.

    • My comment is being mediated, probably because I called you a phallus; then continued to ask if you wanted medieval forms of EUROPEAN torture until you admitted I was rught. Bite me Euro. You are just annoyed you are wrong.

  3. Dr.Micheal Rhodes October 28, 2017

    Am I only the only one who’s thinking: “She’s hot, she’s Catholic and probably takes it in the pooper as an acceptable means of birth control?”

  4. Not The Landlord October 29, 2017

    Go to just about any graphic artist, tell them you work for the Family Research Council and would like some art work done.

  5. You can laugh about the Catholics and Muslims but it’s the Left that is defining what we can & cannot do. The difference is this: A Catholic or Muslim will tell you up front and in plain sight about their beliefs and the way they choose to live their life. The Left will use cartoons, hearsay, hidden sources and all the other venues of a coward. It’s that simple.

    • And the right uses fake news and fake facts. It’s actually a level lower than that.

    • fred lapides October 29, 2017

      small wonder trumpanistas are called Deplorable..blame all things on the left.
      tired of winning?

  6. Self check out and Amazon Prime. Problem solved.

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