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Tell me in one word how the war is going. Good. Tell me in two words. Not good.

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  1. I hope Ukraine wins. Russia is a failed state. Like their war failed miserably. The Sowjet Union won against Nazi Germany because they send millions of their soldiers in front of German guns to overcome the Wehrmacht by numbers. They try this again with Ukraine now. But modern guns just obliterate the Russian troops. Putin is not only killing Ukrainians but his own people too. Millions of mothers and fathers in Russia wonder why their sons are gone and what happened to them. Putin used them as cheap cannon fodder.

  2. And praises rapists and murderers as Russian heroes.

  3. @Anon #2
    You do know that Zelensky dressed as a woman for his stand up acts? Additionally, both Russia but especially Ukraine laundered money for The Party(D).

    Not feel’n the love for either side here.

  4. What’s wrong with a dress for stand-up? Did it get you arroused? Are you homophobe? Because the man is married and has 2 children. Which Russian special forces tried to assassinate at the first day of the invasion.
    You have proof for your claims of money laundry? It’s actually well known that former president Trump invested in dubious businesses in Russia. This can only happen if the Kremlin had allowed it. Which explains the good relations of the GOP to Russia. Russia is financing right-wing parties all over the globe to saboutage democracy. Like his military ambitions this mostly failed in Europe as people saw right through it. He might be successfull in the U.S. Hope you like a Kremlin puppet president again.

  5. Make Alaska Russian Again!

  6. Hunter…., The cheapest and highest yielding investment Putin ever made was the Republican party.

  7. Hunter…. – it’s amazing to me how easily you have been warped by Russian propaganda. Go lick Trump some more – your cultish figure of a leader cozied up to Putin because of his weakness and inability to understand the global stage. But yeah – let’s go after cross-dressing kids and cancel science and math for our youth – GOP logic is non-existent – bunch of snow-flakes mad that they are not respected – Look at your conference – a mashup of blowhards, crazies and uneducated blockheads. Save us all the headache and open a book instead of youtube videos of idiots trying to act like they have some sort of inside knowledge. GOP – Trumpers believe everything but facts. It’s infuriating to know that fellow countrymen are that naive and just dumb

  8. “Infuriating”….. oooooh!

  9. it is infuriating (i know that is beyond your normal GOP vocabulary) but look at your conference – look at what the GOP is fighting for – look around you – the GOP have no answers to anything – no causes or solutions — they just make up things to be angry about – herd the simple minds like yourself into believing outrageous things without any proof of anything. You are a simple minded fool and I am sorry that I have to share this world with you.

  10. It is Friday, time for a beer

  11. How many people on here have the GOP as a political party in their country? Not many I’ll bet, but boy listen to them whine about something that has 0 effect on their lives. Are starting to see why they do it yet… sowing discord pays well I’ll bet.

  12. Same as the US with its GOP interferes with other countries and wants to dance on every party. Also, when democracy is in danger, everyone is committed to raise the word. Even if this happens in a foreign country. And especialy the U.S. which was a beacon of freedom before the GOP went fully fascist mode.

  13. Millions?

  14. Boris Johnson admits Ukraine is losing, so does Scott Ritter. Ukraine is running out of ammo, doing desperate attempts to attack civilian targets in Russia and Transnistria to try and escalate it. Nato weapons stashes are getting taken out every day. Ukrainians are surrendering in their thousands. Half of europe is buying gas in rubles, the other half are buying gas from eu countries that are paying for the gas in rubles. There’s a global food shortage coming this harvest when the food in ukraine that wasn’t planted this year wont be sent to the west. There are sunflower oil shortages in the UK. The Ruble has completely recovered from economic sanctions.

    Yes don’t believe the stupid US propaganda, wasn’t true over WMD in Iraq, it’s not true here.

  15. Don’t forget those in action and those in gulaqs after they protested against the war. And that weren’t just sons. Like in all dictatorships disappearing people are a thing in Russia.

  16. Aaaahahahaha, another sorry attempt of Russian propaganda. Just like the fairy tailes Sergey Lavrov, the Russian minister of foreign affairs, is handing out each day. Inverse the post and you’ll get the whole truth:
    Boris Johnson is confident Ukraine can win the war, so probably unintentionally does Scott Ritter – fallen from grace for online dating minors and jumping in bed with the Russians – adults hopefully. Ukraine recieves weapon shipments every day, bravely fending off Russian attacks on civilian targets and people. Russia is trying to escalate it by the old false flag attack tactics in Transnistria. (Nazis did exactly the same thing.) Nato weapons stashes are getting taken out by chance sometimes, yet Russian intelligence is mostly blind as they don’t get any support by the Ukrainian people either of Ukrainian or Russian heritage. Russians are dying in their thousands – leaving the surviving troops devastated and in low morale. Europe refuses buying gas in rubles, the other half shares its gas resources with their fellow EU countries that got cut off by Russia from the pipelines for helping Ukrainian refugees. Also many EU countries have already adapted to other sources and don’t need Russian gas. (Greetings from real Europe. We’d rather freeze next winter than than sending Putin money for killing more babies.) There’s a global food shortage coming this harvest when the food in Ukraine meant for starving Afrikan countries was stolen by Russia. There are sunflower oil shortages in the UK due to failed havests as Russian missiles destroy infrastructure and kill and rape Ukrainian men, women and children. The Ruble is dangling over the abyss.
    You need to get your narrative right if you want a potato. The U.S. are not a party in this war. Sergey Lavrov himself told the world Russia is not at war with the U.S. just one or two days ago.

  17. Thanks for the Russian propaganda. You have earned your potato for the day. Oh! it’s the weekend, time for your gallon of cheap vodka ration.

  18. EU citizen nailed it. Putin is getting richer while the west suffers, as planned.

  19. EU Citizen: well i wouldn’t expect the truth from the EU anyway, the UK was supposed to go to hell after we left the EU, that didn’t happen, so it’s ironic that someone belonging to a block that spent years sending us propaganda, that now transpired to be nonsense, is now trying to send propaganda about russia.

    If you’re unable to differentiate between truth and propaganda all you have to do is look for contradictions in each sides narrative.

    For instance: USA talks all the time about Russia interferring in US elections. Yet we see from Victoria Nuland’s leaked telephone call that she worked with biden and the UN to impose a government picked by America in Ukraine 8 years ago.

    There’s pushback in the west about Ukraine having nazis, but there’s an independent french documentary in 2016 called “donbass” that covers the Ukrainian genocide of Russians in Ukraine. There’s several other western documentaries about this too, none of them funded by Russia or having anything to do with Russia. Instead of burying your head in the sand, you could just open your eyes.

    Then we have the bucha warcrime. Knowing that Russia has one type of rocket and Ukraine has another type, Zelensky reported the correct rocket that was fired. Then a ukranian official corrected him and told the world a lie saying it was a type of rocket that only russia had, and that it was fired from Russia. The problem is this particular rocket has a stage that detaches, and this stage was found in Ukranian held territory, meaning that the rocket was fired from the Ukranian side.

    Now okay, maybe a Russia unit infiltrated the ukranian side and fired it from 40-50 miles behind enemy lines? Except an italian journalist took a photo of the stage of the rocket, and on the photo is a ukrainian serial number that’s consistent with other ukranian rockets of the same type fired.

    You talk about Russian propaganda, well my response is: Okay well just ignore russian narrative altogether and look at the contradictions in the American / Nato / Ukranian narrative then.

  20. Britain is still struggling with the aftermath of the Brexit. Not looking good for them. No doubt the Brexit was a favour for Putin from certain people that shirked responsibility afterwards. That blood money is wide spread among conservatives and the far-right in Europe and America.
    8 years ago Putin’s puppet regime in Ukraine fell and the Ukrainian people got a feel for democracy after a long time. That’s what they are fighting for now. Whoever was involved (if someone was involved) the Ukrainians are thankfull they were able to chase away Putin’s lapdogs to Moscow.
    Every country has nazis. Even Russia. They are attacking Ukraine right now. And Donbass obviously had heavy Russian involvement. A Russian SAM shot down flight MH17. After destruction of the plane and bodies falling out of the skies the vehicle was hastely brought back to Russian territory to cover up the crime. Unfortunately for the Kremlin the SAM was filmed and photographed by citizens on it’s run back home. Still missing the AA missile. Later the Kremlin blameed Ukrainian forces for the attack even though all evidence and the trajectory showed it was Russia interferring in the separratist movement. It was probably a poor attempt to undermine the world’s solidarity with Ukraine. Also false flag attacks are a Russian speciality. I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed those “Russian speaking” people themselves because they wouldn’t want to belong to a Russian empire.
    Bucha had nothing to do with rockets. In Bucha the occupying Russian forces killed civilians for sport. No matter if it was man, woman or child. Usually they raped the women before. At first they ran over their victims with tanks to destroy the body of evidence. Or ran ober cars with families of they tried to flee the region. Later they just let the bodies lying on the streets for weeks. All this is already under investigation by international police forces and the UN. – The rocket thing you are talking about was the train station of Kramatorsk. Another false flag attack. Yes, Ukrainian still use this old sowjet rocket model. But Russia still has some in stock also. The serial numbers is inconclusive. The batches were mixed and sold all over the place after the Sowjet Union collapsed. Some were sold to the Middle East for example. There is no record who owns which rocket today. The trajectory showed it was probably fired from occupied territory. With a cynical attempt to blame the Ukrainians again. The writing on the rockets remains said: “For the children.” In Russian. The frequent use of those crude false flag attacks makes you wonder how desperate Russia must be.
    There is no NATO narrative. And probably also no American narrative. Just observers. If you let some Youtuber, politically motivated news channel or whoever filter those information FOR YOU it seems you are the guy with sand in your eyes.

  21. Oh please lecture us about how in the UK we are all starving to death of food and how we are all dying of thirst etc.

    Russians shot down MH17. I don’t think they did. And they were accused of shooting down that plane even before anyone collected the black box, or gathered any data, let alone did any official investigation. That should tell you everything you need to know.

    “Every country has nazis. Even Russia.”
    Indeed, but not all of them start rounding up russians and executing them, calling for their sterilisation, calling for their children to be killed, opening fire on schools, businesses, and hospitals, and setting fire to buildings and then beating to death Russian women and children who jumped from the windows.

    Not all nazis were so commonplace and powerful throughout their nation that the president of their country had to flea by helicopter to russia, and sure enough their car decoy was shot at.

    If people want to quietly have a swashtika flying in their home and it doesn’t harm anyone, I couldn’t care less. Where I draw the line is the execution of >20,000 people based entirely on their cultural affiliation, then to try and draw the rest of the world into a war that they started but are unable to finish.

    “8 years ago Putin’s puppet regime in Ukraine fell and the Ukrainian people got a feel for democracy after a long time.”

    Yes I hear this argument a lot that it was Putin’s puppet regime, but consider this, when that “puppet regime” failed and was chased out of the country by the Nazis which you don’t seem to think is a problem, it caused a lot of resistance from areas of Ukraine where people are culturally Russian, who have been living in that part of the world since before the soviet union. So when Ukraine started trying to persecute the Russian speaking citizens of their country, Crimea decided that they didn’t want to be murdered like the others, so they voted overwhelmingly to be protected by Russia, and that was a smart move, because what happened in Donbass would have happened to them also.

    And while we are talking about “democracy” and how wonderful the zelensky government is, perhaps we should talk about how he’s banned several of his opposition parties. Or how he tried to ban people speaking russian in ukraine. Or the disappearance of journalists in Ukraine who don’t tow the Ukrainian party narrative.

    “Bucha had nothing to do with rockets. In Bucha the occupying Russian forces killed civilians for sport.”

    You need to stop watching seseme street or wherever you get your news from. You can’t think people believe that garbage? That’s just absolute rubbish, it’s not even an exaggeration of the facts, it’s literally a made up lie.

    If we want to talk about killing people for sport, maybe you should have a look at the ukrainians being shot at the border trying to flea Ukraine and not going back to commit suicide fighting Russia. Or maybe the videos of warcrimes literally videoed by ukrainian forces where they are shooting captured russian soldiers in the genitals filming it, then telephoning their russian families to mock them.

    “Or ran ober cars with families of they tried to flee the region. ”
    Again you’re out of touch with the facts. There are two videos of tanks running over cars. Both of them were Ukrainian tanks. They don’t even have Russian markings, go back and view the videos again at 25% speed.

    “There is no record who owns which rocket today.”
    Yes there is, we know from records that Ukraine had 90 of these rockets. We know that the rocket fired was from the same batch as the other rockets that Ukraine fired. And we know this from the Ukrainian serial numbers. Those rockets aren’t used in Russia anymore because they can’t get the parts for them, so their existence is rare.

    Everything you’ve said here is nonsense, and just shows how completely backwards you’ve got it all. But then what do you expect from an EU keyboard warrior.

    You should think more critically about this. If youtube has blocked all Russian news from their platform, then you should ask questions about whether youtube is a free and open platform.

    We have family who were in the first and second world. We remember the propaganda from back then. We were saying that in Germany, people were “nailing kittens to church doors”. Which of course is total rubbish. So here we are again decades later with equally ludicrous claims and people are falling for them all over again…

  22. Sounds like you guy’s need a Truth Ministry like Biden has created. That way there will be only one truth, regardless of facts. Take for example Canadas Bill C-7. First used to let terminally ill people to be euthanized. But now it’s being used to kill poor people, or people who just can’t afford to live. Thats true. Verified. But using propaganda, ie The Ministry of Truth, no one is allowed to know. Welcome to hell, or German Canada.

  23. So you are from Britain. Thanks. That’s all I needed.

  24. Wow, you are in a hell of a bubble. This is a case for a psychiatrist. You don’t what to discuss anything. You are looking for validation for the lies you believe in. Sorry, you won’t find it here.

  25. Lots of fake videos around on social media. Russia has brigades to produce them for propaganda. I could change a Russian tank into an Ukrainian in a few minutes. Good cutting software has AI to remove or place markings. Facebook and Twitter are no reliable source for information, mate. Check everything with reverse search engines!

  26. Read the Bill! Oh wait, you don’t need to cause you know everything

  27. Fellow Canadians, it’s me, Justin, Justin Trudeau. Be good and respectful
    or your bank accounts, charge cards, and pension payments will be frozen.

  28. You probably deserve it as a traitor to your country. Trudeau has done it right.

  29. Right. Go to your buddy Putin if you need money.

  30. 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa ON, K1N 8L5

  31. F- Russia – if you have any idea or mindset of what is going in Europe – then you should be fully aware that Putin is a maniac. F- Russia – F- all Russians that come on these sites –

  32. So.. individual citizens are responsible for the actions of the dictator that rules their country? You need to get back to school and do some learning ASAP.

  33. Yes – they are – silence and cowardice from Russians give rise to Putin

  34. The Trudeau Foundation is looking for donations.
    Please forward donations to Justin, he’ll take it
    from there.
    NO CHEQUES unless certified.
    Bit coin, cash,( no rubels), charge cards, prepaid gaming cards, old scrap gold, silver
    platinum, rare earth.

  35. How is Trump’s social network working you paid for? Or the wall you paid for? I heard Trump has a golden toilet now. “The throne”.

  36. Russians never learned anything about freedom. They don’t know how to think and act for themselves. First they were servs under the czars and were told what to do and what to think, then cattle under the communists and were told what to do and what to think, now human material under the Russian neonazis and are told what to do and what to think. They don’t understand democracy.

  37. We here in the south Asia still feel it is cool (low temperature)now in May like in previous autumn, so the weather in the EU must be very cold now, without the supply of gas from Russia, it is the European people that suffer. We are told that you guys in Europe are advised by the gov to cut the frequence of showers and to collect firewood to make fire for heating or even cooking, is that true?So stop the war by stopping supplying weapons to Ukraine, that is what you can do on your part, because I cannot get access to Russians and I cannot speak Russian language.

  38. No, that’s bull. It’s cool, but not that cold anymore and we have reserves. We are NOT advised to cut our heating, showers nor (wtf?) collect firewood. Most of us use electric ovens. Modern houses are not made to burn wood inside.
    The only right thing to do is to send more weapons to Ukraine. Because if Russia wins they will just attack the next country. Just like the nazis did. If you let dictators have it their way they will always come back for more.
    The Ukrainians are tough and brave people. They single-handedly stopped the Russian invaders in their tracks and threw them back to their borders. Because they want to be free people. They can win this fight. Once Putin is gone or the cancer has eaten him Russians will learn what freedom it, too. Doubtful as there are still a lot of crooked russonazis in power in the Kremlin – but there is a slight chance.
    And China will learn that these are bad times for bullies. Welcome to the 21st century.

  39. No shower, gas ovens, fire wood? Sounds more like the U.S.

  40. So.. the logic here is that North Korean people are responsible for the actions of Kim Dung. Got it. I guess that means China and the Taliban and Germany in the 30s. Soft headed thinking but what can you expect here.

  41. Which logic? What responsibility? What are you talking about? Are you softer than us?

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