What’s Up, Losers!




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  1. Notatallamused March 6, 2017

    Is this supposed to be funny? …. tumbleweed……

    • If you’re a RWNJ, yes, yes it is. If you’re a decent human being with a more highly developed intellect and a functioning sense of humour, than no, no it isn’t.

    • Rattus needs a root canal without any Novocain.

    • Who the hell uses Novacain when getting a root canal? ******* *****.

    • You cry when you get a hangnail, Rattass.

    • Oh please, I broke my foot on vacation and walked all over Montreal and Lake Placid without so much as an ace bandage for support. I currently have three bottles of oxycontin slowly losing efficacy in my bathroom because doctors keep insisting I will need them after surgery, but I have only ever taken one of them. Pffft, I am not a man – I don’t have the same mollycoddling requirements you have.
      And on another subject, does anyone find it rather amusing that a site so dedicated to narrow-minded vitriol has such an issue with swearing?

    • Stubbed your toe, eh? Ooh, that can hurt.

    • While I gather that, based on my experience with men with colds and what have you, that a stubbed toe may feel like a broken foot to you, rest assured, it was an actual broken bone. Also, broken a finger playing baseball – kept playing.

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