Looking At People Trying To Sell Mirrors Is Hilarious



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  1. Monkey Needs A Hug April 3, 2018

    Turn the mirror 30° away. Or take the picture at an angle. Or both. Or don’t sell your mirror.

    Or paint it black. Black Mirrors are quite popular.

    • Hilarious Clingston April 3, 2018

      This is racism! and not politically correct!

    • Several of them did the angle shot–shirtless man in all is flabby glory. :-O
      Besides, that screws up the perspective. Use a tilt-shift lens and shoot off to the side and still get the proper perspective. What do you mean they don’t have tilt-shift lenses for phones?

  2. Got some foot-phone action there

  3. Hend Ricks April 5, 2018

    #6 is by René Magritte

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