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  1. Given the expense and cost of intervening overseas, I think it’s long past due that we flipped the rest of the world the bird and told them to let the UN take care of them. See how long that lasts…

    • Great idea! May even work insofar as everyone pays their fees. That would include the U.S. and it would be something new.

    • But… But… We create the enemies just so we have to intervene! Why? Cha-Ching goes the military industrial corporations! How does the old saying go? ‘All wars are bankers’ wars’?

    • Oh my, the expense AND the cost!!!
      The biggest difference between the US killing innocent civilians and the UN letting militants do it is that the former keeps thousands of Americans in jobs.
      Your fondeness for redundancy is not just with your phrasing.

  2. Team America October 23, 2015

    Natural disaster? I’m sure China or Iran will be glad to help you out. Lotsa luck, hope everything turns out OK.

    • They all help. Take your head out of your *** and read some world news.

  3. Haha, try posting that pic on your facebook page and watch the comments explode.
    Here’s another: “china has every right to eat dogs, i mean, we eat chickens, right?”
    You could make a million of these:)

  4. Lazier Than Thou October 23, 2015

    If they’re going to whine at us either way, I’d rather they whine at us for not intervening.

  5. I think the complaints are about the reasons for each intervention. Just a guess.

    • You are so stupid, sometimes I wonder how you are still alive…

    • My IQ is actually above normal, normalguy. An employer had me tested.

    • They complain because they need to blame their shit on someone else, just how it works.

  6. What is so difficult to understand? I see no contradiction here. US just intervenes in wrong places.

  7. Name one country since the catastrophi…. I mean the Vietnam war, that has been “interveened” by the world police, that don’t have oil deposits. Kuwait?, no. Afghanistan, no. Iran?, that went well, no. Hmmm
    Canada has oil, WATCH OUT !!!

  8. Who whines when US does not “intervene” (aka invade)?

    • Stupid ***** think (or want us to believe) they are providing service to humanity. While their million -man army bombs, destroys, pillages, robs and rapes all over the world and prepare the way for hungry corporations.

  9. Italiano Medio October 24, 2015

    When did the USA *not* “intervene”?

  10. One thing everyone can agree on, it works.

  11. Complains when US selectively ‘intervenes’ to pursue its own economic interests or for cheap domestic political gains, and not based on its international treaty obligations or shared sense of humanity.
    Scumbag US.

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