Real Science vs. Social Science




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  1. Too bad. You are confusing society with reality. Another failed meme.

    • The fail is strong with you.

    • NOT SO, Gag!
      Scientia WINS! greatly
      at that popular Leftist skill: DENIAL!

    • Scientia totally destroyed this fake meme.

    • naseweiƟ December 3, 2017

      hypothesis: All people should be equal.
      reality does not fit
      change hypothesis: there should be a 3rd world


    • On the point, naseweiss. But they will just shout louder than you or threaten you with violence. Works since the beginning of time.

    • Dat, of course, when you say “they will just shout louder than you or threaten you with violence,” you’re referring to Leftists who REFUSE to accept INequality as a GIVEN in real life.

    • Once again Kauf Buch has proven the point by shouting (capitals) at someone whose facts he can’t bare. As predicted. This man is guilty, your honor. I rest my case.

    • “hypothesis: All people should be equal.”

      Sjws advocate for equality of outcome.Much different.Very poisonous.

    • Dat: go grow some more stuff on your windowsill,

    • If Kauf were to bare his facts my eyes would explode.

  2. Hocky Stick Boy December 2, 2017

    East Anglia University Climate Research Unit, wonder which panel they fall into, hard to tell now a days.

  3. Junk science is our specialty.

  4. If you want to memorize names, become a biologist.
    If you want to memorize exceptions, become a chemist.
    If you want to memorize concepts, become a Physicist.
    If you don’t want to memorize anything, become a liberal arts major.

  5. This is unfortunately what is happening. White people are white because of several millenia of having to live in a hostile environment that protects from the sun’s radiation, but requires an acquired set of skills in order to keep warm and have a food supply throughout the year. The current attack on white males is stupid, racist and ignorant, and completely out of touch from reality.

    • The Inuits are too busy surviving in their environment, to have time to do extracurricular stuff, and the people around the equator don’t need to learn extracurricular stuff to survive. Hence the people in the temperate climates have created the modern technology. And the reason they’re white, is because of biology. It’s very simple to understand reality.

  6. “Hypothesis”?!?
    This cartoon is SPELLING PRIVILEGED! ;)

  7. Religion: My hypothesis does not confirm with reality, therefore I’ll just shout louder and persecute those who notice.

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