Schrödinger’s Immigrant



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  1. Lots of these in Europe nowadays. Right, EUro?

    • True. But I don’t know what’s worse. Them or those brainless nazis running trough our streets and governments.

  2. Don’t they have to be in a box?

    • Bubba and Joe Bob January 27, 2016

      Joe Bob read summpin on that cat thing. He says if they’re inna box how can ya tell what they’re doing? I don’t unnerstand that science stuff much. Is it legal to put immergrants inna box?

  3. Because they’ll not work for a fraction of what citizens would get their union to demand they get paid for more breaks.

  4. Mr. Truffles January 29, 2016

    One immigrant is not a problem. A thousand immigrants are also not a problem. Ten million immigrants are.

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