Brilliant People Who Found a Way to Protect Their Christmas Trees From Pets



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  1. Wow! a pet fox! cool!

  2. All the cats look so annoyed!

  3. The Good German November 22, 2017

    It’s actually the classic way to put a christmas tree upside down on the ceiling. In the old days when houses and cabins were small it didn’t cost too much space in the room.

  4. A Minimally Educated Man November 22, 2017

    There are two other ways to keep pets out of Christmas trees. #1 – Don’t have a tree. #2 – Don’t have pets.

  5. traditionalperson November 23, 2017

    Leave the trees and the animals in the forests where they belong.

    • Flossy McHookerpants November 23, 2017

      Stop typing with that plastic keyboard made from oil, you psycho Earth killer!

  6. It's the pixels November 25, 2017

    Beagle picture is shopped.

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