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  1. God is a just God- he will punish sinners. Jesus died to pay the penalty for your sin.
    Trust him and you will be forgiven.
    Don’t trust him. You pay the penalty yourself.

    • How come cheesus died to pay my penalty if I wasn’t ever born 2k years ago? Did he prepay my penalty? If he alrealdy prepaid my penalty, what difference does it make if I trust or not? Isn’t my tab already paid?

  2. Atheist Freedom Fighter December 22, 2014

    haha, so true. God s a psychopath.

  3. He made us in perfection, gave us free will even. And we (here meaning our original parents) chose to disobey. There’s a price for that disobedience, wich is handed down to every human since, and it’s the reason for every wrong in the world today. Every lie, theft, murder, lust, all of it will be judged, but he also provided a way out. There is only one name under heaven by wich man shall be saved, and that name is Yahshuah.
    “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.”

  4. religitards…smh
    If eve eating a “forbidden fruit” is the cause for all evils then no one should ever be arrested and put in prison…EVER! I mean, c’mon, it isn’t even their fault, it’s Eve’s….right!?
    It’s the same reason I used to get hit as a child, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather did something and my parents were just passing the punishment down…smh
    Listen Believe in God, Don’t believe in god, pray or don’t pray…I don’t give a shit…but don’t try to claim some moral high ground because you have some blind faith in the writings of middle eastern people over 2000yrs ago…good for you, Im glad you like a book…but don’t act like its above ridicule…it’s a damn fairy tale…a myth…*sigh*
    I like to ask the christians here something….How do you KNOW there’s a god? And how do you KNOW it’s the god you choose to believe in? Why not the hundreds of thousands of other gods? And why did you choose your specific denomimation of your religion and not 1 of the other hundred+ denominations of christianity?
    And why do you dismiss all those other thousands and thousands of other religions and denominations? When you know the answer to that you’ll know why I dismiss your religion too…see we are all atheists, you don’t believe in any of the other countless gods…except the 1 that Christianity is based on…well I also don’t believe in any of those gods…but I go just 1 god further and withhold belief in your god as well

  5. The mystery of faith is difficult for many to comprehend.

    • flyingdetrius December 28, 2014

      Yes, it is. Believing in a sky daddy that created people sick and ordered them to be well, who killed millions with a great flood including animals (how do they sin?) is a loving and just supreme being. A book that starts off with a magic tree, forbidden fruit, and a talking snake is something to take seriously and live by? I think not.

  6. There is no point reasoning with them. You can’t win an argument against someone who will swear to their blind faith despite proofs to the contrary right under their noses. Its their loss in the end. When you die bacteria will turn you to mush. Thats it. Thats the life after death. No castles in the sky.

    • True, there is no reasoning with someone. I, for myself, have doubted over and over again, tested the Bible many, many times. Every single time it has come out winner. God has won me over by patiently answering me, answering prayers, taking care. But many people just have closed their minds, not asking God to prove Himself.

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