Saddest Playgrounds Ever



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  1. There’s something TimBurtonish about this vodka fueled folk-art. I like!

  2. Each one of these is located in Russia, of course.

  3. first one is just ‘carpe diem’ reminder

  4. Another Chernobyl aftermath album…

  5. lol@vodka-fueled folk art

  6. Crack Vendor February 10, 2015

    Saddest graveyards ever.

  7. I think they kind of “Happy Up” the graveyards!

  8. Italiano Medio February 10, 2015

    Ha! The countries of the ex soviet union… amazing and magical places !!!

  9. Apart from the slide leading into the rubbish skip, these playgrounds would be enjoyed by children regardless. All children care about is somewhere to run and climb – at least someone has painted most of the playground figures in bright colours.

  10. No wonder those crazy russians are barbarians and war mongerers.

  11. Wow, that concrete Cheburashka sure looks a bit different when you’re a grown up.

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