Russian Wedding Photoshop Fails



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  1. I want a jetpack wedding photo

  2. The picture of the guy holding the car… the car has no shadow lol

  3. That’s russia. Vodka, Photoshop kitsch and stalling tanks. Beware this superpower of lunatics.

    • Yes. We Russians doing nothing then drink vodka, kitsch and tanks. Oh. You forgot balalaika and matreshka! And bears, walking around. Try to find the meaning of word “cliche” in the dictionary. Seems you have been in Russia quit often!
      Photos are really stupid. Not funny. But if some of them like it and enjoy, who we are to judge.

    • Relax, George. Sit down with your supper. (Borscht and piroshki, am I right? Yep, I was right.)

    • Putin would judge them. Sending them in gulag.

    • No. Borsch us Ukrainian. Pirozhki and bliny!

  4. There are many things in the world I do not understand. I don’t understand what I just looked at, and I’m glad that I don’t.

  5. If they’re Russians they should be squatting in front of rugs while drinking vodka.

  6. Could be... June 28, 2015

    I wonder if anyone has considered that maybe, just maybe, the photoshops are bad on purpose and that laughing at the quality is part of the humour? How many people have actually laughed at the joke in a Christmas cracker?

  7. Albert Einstien June 28, 2015

    There are only a handful of countries that can project power around the world and this is one of them. You boomer driver off your coast probably doesn’t see a problem with these pics.

  8. Actuallythe 4th one isn’t that bad… then again the rest exist so…

  9. The one with the cannon shooting hearts is cheesy but great. Thumbs up.

  10. Sunbeltryders June 30, 2015

    Well, maybe the funny wedding photos didn’t always hit the mark but I found them a lot more enjoyable than the humorless ***** in the comment section.

  11. Italiano Medio April 5, 2016

    A jetpack?? That’s a win in my book!

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