Russian Women Posing for Glamour Shots



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  1. So depressing… And wtf is with walls over there?

    • Apparently poor people in Russia put rugs on walls to help insulate against the cold.

    • Like medieval times. As the walls have no isolation you put carpets on the walls to keep the warmth of your little oven in. It’s always winter in russia.

    • The rugs are largely decorative.

    • Yeah, did Putin tell you that? Those poor people just don’t have the money nor material for proper houses.

  2. At least half of them are gorgeous.

    • Italiano Medio January 20, 2016

      Yeah? Explain “gorgeous” please.

    • with poor judgement. Flowers in the toilet….ok, maybe for a short if you absolutely have to, but pics of some woman sitting next to the toilet???? ok that’s getting along. things that make one go ‘mmm’ as that stupid old song used to go

    • With that inner beauty peculiar to bone-dumb, pasty white, malnurished-but-well-fed, F.A.S. cases.

  3. Here we go with the “Why do they have carpet on the walls?” discussion again.

  4. The one with the pile of rubbish and the one with the big puddle are actually quite interesting settings. Roses in the toilet are pretty funny. Rather something original than the same old over and over again.

  5. I lova the Russian wemen!

  6. Professional Handshaker January 19, 2016

    The one by the microwave… just look at the bamboo wall padding! I vant to marri her!!!

    • Gerd Müller January 20, 2016

      Notice the whiskas cat food on the oven. You might have to share her with one or marry furry terrorists

    • Professional Handshaker January 20, 2016

      I think that’s her food…

  7. Gerd Müller January 19, 2016

    Made me remember the thai kathoey Pancake from a couple of years ago…..

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob January 19, 2016

    Joe Bob here… Bubba says as soon as he can git a passport and travel money up, he’s gone to Roosha. His wife says don’t be coming back if’in he does that. I’ll keep ya posted on this. I may be posting solo soon.

  9. Hot Russian girls want to meet you! Now I see why. Plus all the men are alcoholics. Maybe I order Russian mail order bride.

  10. Moving to Russia. Later.

  11. i just wish the girl in the first photo was licking the dirt off of that car… sooo hot!

  12. This was thoroughly sad… Especially the smoking hot women.. Damn.

  13. I believe they made a mistake…..those women are from Kentucky!!

  14. Why are these pictures always taken in the slums? Why aren’t there any women posing in the better neighborhoods of Russia?

  15. Just a compilation of poor show-off pictures, could be collected from social networks in any country.
    Here is a regular page

  16. These ARE the better neighborhoods of Russia….

  17. Hahaha! Here in Germany I just got a pop-up dad underneath the pictures Stellung, yes, Persian rugs!!!

  18. “Pop-up add“ “selling“ – damn auto correct! But funny, cause “Stellung“ means “Position“.

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