Putin Likes 50 Cent


"I really like 50 Cent. Or as we call him in Russia, 4 million rubles."


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  1. Anonymous March 2, 2022

    50 Cent would be disturbed having PUTIN endorse him.

  2. Anonymous March 2, 2022

    Russia and China are the last bulwark against the New World Order. Sad that it’s them. Says alot about Western civilization.

    • Anonymous March 2, 2022

      All I read is “latest bullsh*t”. Dictatorships for freedom. Yeah, right.

  3. Anonymous March 2, 2022

    50 cents is actually 1/2 Ruble these days.
    The reality is sadder/funnier.

  4. What? A Monomaniac! March 2, 2022

    NWO Brother, my barber tells me that gargling with bleach kills the parasite in your spine so you can view the replicants in REAL black & white. Stock up on dog food and crossbow bolts, THEY are coming for your fiat money.

  5. Anonymous March 5, 2022

    Meme websites have been taken over by US cyber warfare.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2022

      Lets hope they win. No one wants the RU side to win. Not even the Russians.

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