Famous Greek Ruins

14 thoughts on “Famous Greek Ruins”

  1. See it like this – Parthenon – after 2500 year and a gun powder explosion 1687 it still stands. That’s worth something. And Lord Elgin nicked the best parts and brought them to England for his own personal amusement.

  2. Incredibly topical here EatLiver…

  3. Did they run outta money and can’t finish the project. Looks unsafe…

  4. Not forgetting the fact that it were german and british achaeologists who rebuild it. The Greek would have let it rotting in the hillside. Too much work to preserve history. Better dance, eat and drink. Στην υγειά σου!

  5. Greeks always run out of money.

  6. Ahh, I got your point Sir L. – these Greeks neither can appreciate or take of their heritage. All they want to do is eat and drink and be merry. And even if that would be the case – now they can take care.

  7. Ruski…run out of OTHER PEOPLE’S money.
    East Mediterranean dregs.

  8. Please, don’t blame a whole nation for its corrupt politicians and the awful choices they made in the name of the people.

  9. Why not alex? Everyone does it to any nation’s people as a whole never pointing out the central government as solely at fault. What makes the Greeks special?

  10. I blame Germany. I always blame Germany, cause I’m too lazy to get off my arse.

    Why is it the further south you go in the EU the more lazy the people become?

  11. Greeks never finish any buildings, buildings become taxable when finished. That’s why there’s always iron rods sticking out each new building, they’re always meant to have another floor, someday..

  12. The closer to the equator you get the worse the gov’t becomes.

  13. That’s Harsh….but I moved from near the tropic of Capricorn to about 1500km south and I DO feel not as lazy now..mmm could be something in that.

  14. Funny how that last picture of “Greek Economy” shows a Euro. Funny. Because if it was a Greek ruin, it would be a Drachma. Euro = European Ruin.


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