This Might Hurt a Little


The truths always hurts.


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  1. Prof. Plum March 2, 2020

    Awww… Now you’ll have to pay off your own student loans… And with that degree in Poodle Gender Studies…

    • Anonymous March 3, 2020

      Make up the name of a lame major at school……Stereotype an entire generation and insult them too! ( Actually, that’s really two generations. Z and Millennials. ) Pretty sure some of them had good majors and were successful, but you must be the expert, right?

      You are sooo polite. I’m sure not all boomers are a-holes, but way to represent! It’s no wonder the youngsters treat you with so much respect.

  2. Everything you hold dear, such as smart phones, internet, flat panel TV, 25 channels of cartoons, are here because boomers invented them. The boomers have made it possible for you to HAVE an economic future.

    • The Lone Wonderer March 4, 2020

      So is mass pollution, 40 years refusing to innovate on energy supply, overpopulation, exponentially increased cost of living and a continuous state of global war instead of focussing that money on medicine.

      But yea.. let’s THANK the boomers for all the distractions they invented.

  3. Anonymous March 3, 2020

    You can still save yourself, though, if you get your lazy self-idolizing carcass out your basement bed and take a job.

  4. What the fox March 3, 2020

    Millennials are due to inherit the largest transfer of wealth ever, as boomers die and millennial children inherit their money. So cry me a river you spoiled little turd burglers.

    • Fox forgets.... March 3, 2020

      Actually, no. Why does everyone forget that GenX exists?

      When boomers were having kids, they mostly were NOT doing it in the 90s. My folks were boomers. I’m genX, so when they are gone, a genX gets their money and the millennials get none.

      The next generation after boomers was genX, then millennials, and the kid in the photo is gen Z. The mom is likely a millennial. They are turning 30 now. Google it.

  5. Anonymous March 3, 2020

    *Forgot about GenX.

    *Forgot that their “economic future” is not so ideal. College is crazy expensive, and so is the rent. Boomer’s didn’t have any national debt, but you sure built it.

  6. Anonymous March 3, 2020

    ahhh yes. Let the hate flow!

    Insult those youngsters some more. I’m sure that’s going to help insure they listen to you, and I’m sure they will treat you with the same respect. Follow the examples of your elders eh?

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