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  1. Spot on! World’s reaction to Russian invasion in Ukraine.

  2. What exactly sparked this revolution? Sure as hell ain’t kanye west as I’m sure no one would even be slightly surprised if his attention seeking self did get pregnant.

  3. Happy dude April 14, 2014

    The revolution won’t be televised, it will be tweeted. It will even have its own Facebook page.

  4. Idiocracy would be hilarious if it weren’t an accurate prediction of the future.

  5. Nobody will know about the revolution until CNN finds the missing plane.

  6. FEMA camp 9 April 14, 2014

    We have your body bag ready. Local police forces are being militarized. Government forces are well armed. Fascist 0bama will not hesitate to fire on civilians.

  7. Sarah Palin April 14, 2014

    More gotcha journalism coming from the left-wing media.

  8. Wait until they turn off the EBT cards. Enjoy the Party!

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