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  1. This happens when your heart is not in tune with your mouth and your actions. Far too common nowadays.

  2. Such is life

  3. A true lib. He dindo nuffin’

  4. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut February 14, 2018

    So when one participant in a legitimate and peaceful protest does not not meet the standards of the movement in his private life it is the protest which is biased not the person?

    • Is not truth, truth for all? February 14, 2018

      Micheal Brown just finished a strong arm robbery of a convenience store and was confronted by a cop. Brown assaulted the officer, who shot him. Born is BLM.

      A hypocrite is a hypocrite even if he’s black.

    • The word “legitimate” is the catch here. When a group of 13% of the population does 57% of the crimes, and when more than 90% of crimes against this group is self inflicted, and when this group tries to sell the image they are victims, but the protesters are young multimillionaire athletes, with lives way better than the ones they claim are oppressing them, it sounds a bit difficult to accept.
      And to make things worse, the protest is done in a disrespectful way against their country and the people that fights for it with their lives.
      Just Google how FIFA protested against racism and you’ll see how a real protest can be done.

    • @Hein
      The real question is why are there these 57% of crimes. These are selfinflicted by 100% of the american population. Your society is sick, like those people send to the new world were a sick part of the old world’s society. Your ancestors. Criminals and religious lunatics.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut February 14, 2018

      @Hein These statistics might be true or might be not – they are irrelevant in this context because a single person should not be judged by the affiliation to a group but by what this person has done. I don’t even know this guy and what he have done, but whatever it is he should be punished(and I hope he will) for what he have done, not for affiliation to the black community. And if people of whatever colour protest again brutality which provable takes place they do not “sell an image” they just mention facts. Second – why does a person which is a millionaire does not have the right to have or express an opinion. A certain very prominent person mentions his wealth all the time. And third – why is it unpatriotic to have a opinion and protest against what you think is wrong – a true patriot wants to improve his country.
      One last thing @EUro -do you realise that you talking rubbish?

    • @TOM_on_the_MA it’s not unpatriotic to protest against bad things in the country, it’s unpatriotic to offend the country’s anthem and banner to get attention to their protest. If the country was that rotten against black people, the top paid and promoted athletes of the world wouldn’t be mostly black athletes from that same country. You don’t need to offend your country to fight racism. Just Google how FIFA has been doing it for decades in the beginning of the games to enjoy the game’s high audience kneelers do too.
      But the major problem with the protest is facts don’t back it. Police brutality is a problem when unjustified (even one case is too much), but there’s no facts showing police errors are happening specifically towards blacks. In fact official numbers show whites are the majority of the victims of fatal police negligence. Nor there are any disparity of crimes against blacks from whites. Blacks are by far the most victims of crimes in the US but the perpetrators are also black.

    • @EUro are you saying blacks sent to America were criminals and religious fanatics? You racist!! ;)

    • Serving my pennance February 14, 2018

      Compare to life in Africa. Poverty, starvation, civil war, refugees, pogroms. Even that nut job Whoopi said she wouldn’t go there to live. Honor killings in the ME ? – well, it’s their culture. Human suffering in dictatorships in countries around the world – not my problem. I’m disgusted by the hedonism of secular humanism and moral relativity in the West. Enough of your contrived outrage and laying of blame on everyone but yourselves. Improve the world or be gone.

    • Amen, Mr. pennance

    • @Hein No, I’m talking about your slave holder grandparents.

    • @Serving my pennance
      Actually the problems in Africa are a result of european colonization. It’s still the aftermath of centuries of economical exploitation and social/political destabilization. The whole african society was destroyed. And the whole continent still struggles because of that. The african chaos is mainly white-man-made. You blame the victims of being desperate, without prospects and direction. The violence is a symptom not their choice.
      Same with black people in the US. You set those slaves free, but you didn’t give them freedom.
      Without seeing the reasons for the problem you can’t solve it. You do nothing to improve the world. You are not even a good example to others.

    • @EUro I’m black

    • Wrong @Dat. Black communities in the US have way less social problems before the leftist socialist programs started there.
      A good video for you:

      WRT Africa, that’s a lame excuse after so much time has passed. The top countries nowadays, excluding a few like USA, were completely destroyed after WWII.

      Leftists like to excuse bad behaviors among non-white people, but we’re normal people. And as expected, we suffer consequences of our own acts if we don’t act with responsibility.

    • TO EUro
      Look at YOUR OWN self-immolating culture in Europe, child!
      I trust you’ve become an obedient DHIMMI in the meanwhile….

    • Yeah, Kauf Buch and his dreams of islamic supremacy. Won’t happen. They will kill each other before that.
      And I doubt you are older than me.

    • I’d doubt he’s older than most of us. Just a lazy child in his basement spreading conspiracy hate from suspicious sites instead of doing his homework.
      I bet he’s even younger than me.

    • @Hein No, I’m not talking about your slave grandparents.
      An assistant of mine wrote this text. It was never meant to become public. It was just political satire. I’m the victim here. Can’t anybody see this? This is discrimination.
      @Kauf Buch
      The others are right. I’m too much older than you, for sure.

  5. So, one ******* hits his girlfriend & that makes it OK for police to murder innocent civilians for no reason?

    • Don’t know how you link respecting country’s symbols with being OK with police brutality.

    • It’s not brutality if it is a neccessacity!!!! It’s the ONLY language they understand.!!

    • @Hein: Police brutality is what BLM & the NFL protest is all about, idiot.

      And who decided kneeling was disrespectful. anyway? RW *******, that’s who.

    • @Zelda you don’t need to disrespect your country to address social problems. And yes, kneeling is an intentionally disrespect act against the country’s symbols because the kneelers say the country isn’t taking care of people of color.
      As an immigrant and person of color in the USA, I can say it’s BS. The kneelers are multimillionaire, athletes among ones with best salaries in the world, with life way better than the ones they claim are oppressing them. WRT black communities suffering violence, we’ll, just see the official reports to know who’s committing violence against them.

    • @Hein, they may be making a nice living, but you have to know that the cops will beat them within an inch of their lives given half a chance. Just ask James Blake, Michael Bennett and Thabo Sefolosha for starters.


    • Typical right-winged populist tactics, Kauf Buch. “Wasn’t me.” “It was just satire.” “That was in another context.” “It was just a joke for friends, public by accident.” “One of my assistants wrote it.”

    • So Zelda, when the police pull you over for a traffic infraction, do you lead them on a high speed chase, or do you pull over and shoot the police when they approach your car to ask for your drivers license? There are exceptions of course, but most of these innocent civilians you speak of are not so innocent. Complying with legal requests from law enforcement officers is an excellent way of avoiding conflict.

  6. Where's Trump February 14, 2018

    This is way one-sided with communist leanings. Let’s bring a side topic that can “trump” all this discussion.

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