Europe In 2025



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  1. lol, is this supposed to be anticapitalist or antigovernment ?

    • Anti Refugee

    • Jeff Dunhams left puppet March 24, 2018

      80, so Ahmed can find himself and get off the dole after his 7th kid.

    • Clinton WH Travel Office March 25, 2018

      You’re fired, we got some some ‘friends’ that need jobs. Clean out your offices by the end of the day and props for your 20 years of service.

  2. America currently.

    • Auck Fhmed March 24, 2018

      More or less in Amerika it’s 67 unless you have evidence otherwise?

    • USA does not say your age of retirement. There’s a small help you can claim at 67 (with waaaaaaaaaay smaller contribution compared to socialist countries) but the major part you do by yourself via private investments.
      So in the USA you retire as early as your responsibility allows you to.

    • @Hein: Facts and common sense have NO PLACE in a political discussion. Please keep such things to yourself.

  3. It most probably won’t be like this in most parts of Europe in 2025, but they are raising the age for retirement constantly. On the other hand very wealthy companies hardly have to pay any taxes. Well, you can’t have your cake (retirement at a decent age) and eat it (massive profits for the few super rich) too.

  4. Not a goat or little boy March 24, 2018

    Duck Fat.

  5. Generation Y was the last labour generation. Generation X will need to support half of Y and all of Z during the transition to robot labour.

  6. American in Vienna March 24, 2018

    2018, USA:
    FBI’s Andrew McCabe fired by Trump just 26 hours before retirement.

    • Self Doubttus March 24, 2018

      We know you’re a leftist when you say he was fired by Trump instead of fired by DoJ after an investigation concluded he acted against the law in many situations.
      Leftists prefer their ideology to following the law.

    • American in Vienna March 24, 2018

      @Self Doubttus
      2018, USA:
      FBI’s Andrew McCabe fired by Trump administration just 26 hours before retirement.
      Now, that’s so much better! Right?

    • Self Doubttus March 25, 2018

      It was not Trump, nor his administration. DoJ is not Trump administration and he was fired because he broke the law, as the investigation pointed out.
      Allowing a corrupt guy retire with full pension is a slap at tax payers’ face.
      He should be on prison, not only fired. But of course leftists don’t care about the law, do you?

    • It was an obvious act of revenge. Lame and low. Like Trump, his vice and the whole administration.

    • Self Doubttus March 25, 2018

      That’s why the left is so dangerous. Their moral intently is less important than their ideology. A corrupt guy is fired and it was bad because his corruption was good for them.
      I’m pretty sure Trump was happy in seeing him caught with corruption, but that’s all. DoJ is independent, otherwise it wouldn’t be investigating Trump himself, isn’t it?

    • @Self Doubttus: As I said to Hein above: Facts and common sense have NO PLACE in a political discussion. Please keep such things to yourself.

  7. It’s rather stupid to rely on government to tell you when you can retire, by forcing younger to pay for your free money. “I want my free money! I exist so you owe me!”
    Government taking care of your retirement savings is the worst idea one could think of since Karl Marx opened his mouth.

    • Tell that all those workers whos funds for retirement were stolen by the manager or gambled away at Wall Street. Private retirement savings are not secure nor garanteed. They are just neo-liberal bullsh*t.

  8. Socialized medicine works so well.

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