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  1. Why, YES…to Leftists who want to destroy our culture, nation and people…it does.

  2. Look, I’m sorry. I have episodes several times a day. I apologise for all the bigotry and hate I spout. I’m actually originally from Tunisia but due to a traumatic childhood I hate my own people. Sorry.

    • We all know you are mentally ill. No problem. We can cope with it.

    • NOT MY POST. Eat Liver, PLEASE DELETE or post disclaimer.

    • On the other hand,
      I’m sort of FLATTERED that my presence
      requires Leftists
      to FALSIFY my existence
      in a pathetically lame attempt
      to invalidate my opinion…FAIL!!!
      Must be a sexual inadequacy thing on their part.

    • Seek help. A good therapist will have your Daddy Issues sorted in maybe five years.

    • Sabor-less is more like it, LOSER.

  3. Fun thing is, most of those who glorify this meme had at least grandparents who did the same thing like the people on the pictures.

    • Both of my grandfathers are buried in France – where they stood against tyranny. They left their families behind to go and fight against evil – not to go and claim benefits.

    • That’s what you say. Someone might have another opinion. – And opinion count as facts these days.

    • dat probably has the need to justify rapists and thieves in his bloodline. Sad!

  4. The Lone Wonderer November 30, 2017

    All I see here is malnourished women and children, with rags for clothes, that are looking for jobs as doctors.

    Learn English, you trolls.

  6. The Real St Nick November 30, 2017

    The gentleman with the crow-bar is doing it all wrong. Wrong tool to start with, and going down a chimney like I do is much preferred.

  7. PoultryInMotion December 1, 2017

    I’m sorry, but no one says this makes you a citizen. Why invent rubbish like this just so you can get outraged about it? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    • This is the “logic” of the Right: start with a false premise, act as if it’s already been proven, and use it to make a false comparison. If they had any truth to their movement, they wouldn’t need tactics like this.

  8. Jose Garcia Zarate December 1, 2017

    This is just plain sull bhit. It’s vile!. I am offended. My rights are violated by this EatLiver propaganda. I’m voting for Pocahontas after I get back to the states.

  9. Of course it makes her family. And once she’s in, she’ll start demanding the rest of the family to comply to sheria law, because she’s a minority, and would feel oppressed unless the majority complies with her demands.

    • AKA minoritarianism, where the majority of the tribe is forced by the minority to live under crippling cognitive dissonance, making the tribe as a whole vulnerable to outside powers.

    • I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but I believe that it has. I am officially too tired of paranoid RWNJism to try to fight back. I honestly just wish we could give you the flyover States and Provinces, give the coasts to the sane and intelligent, and just be done with trying to interact.

    • We all knew this day was coming sooner or later. I’m feel sorry that you have ran out of opposing arguments.

    • Yes, we all know how you Rightists are afraid of Shakira Law. Despite how much it actually aligns with your desires to force your own fake-ass religion down everyone’s throats. Just because you put caramel on your bullshit instead of chocolate, that doesn’t change the core dish.

  10. I have no idea why you’d believe I’m a theist. As an atheist am I not allowed to oppose the sharia law or other religious insanities, such as feminism?

    • Leftists are programmed to think Islam is a minority and deserve all sort of protection.

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