Average Accepted Refugee ID to Immigrate to Germany



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  1. Prince Leo May 9, 2017

    Stop being racist. Muslims grow faster naturally. Women are ready to marry by 12, and men have beard by 12.

    • Nuna Biznezz May 9, 2017

      hahaha. made me LOL

    • Kauf Buch May 10, 2017

      WRONG! According to their perverted quran, mohammed MARRIED Aisha at the age of SIX, and RAPED HER (i.e. consummated the marriage) , AT THE AGE OF NINE.
      FACT. READ the perverted document!
      “Islam” is a culturally, morally, and physically PERVERTED and TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM
      …NOT just a “religion”…
      but DEMANDS its followers ADHERE TO THE LIFE OF ITS so-called “PROPHET”
      ANYONE who claims otherwise is using TAQIYYA…the religious order to LIE
      in order to PROMOTE the totalitarian goal of islam.

    • When you read this you can see Kauf Buch standing on a friut box waving with his arms wildly, saliva squirting out his mouth and he is having an errection.

    • Prince Leo May 11, 2017

      Dat is always making references do Kauf’s private parts…

    • It’s not my fault he’s showing them around…

    • It is quite interesting indeed how Kauf Buch (which is very poor German in case you didn’t notice) keeps pointing out at what Mohammed did in circa the sixth century, but entirely fails to realize what his (and my) ancestors did at the same time, which hardly was any better by today’s standards.
      Furthermore, it is very interesting to see him (Kauf Buch) showing such a great interest in the Quran, whilst he as a defender of Christian society clearly doesn’t know about all the bad things, again by today’s standards, which can be found written down in the Bible.

  2. Seems to be difficult for this page to deal with refugees in a proper way…

    • Charles Martel May 9, 2017

      Invaders, not refugees. Learn to tell the difference.

    • @Charles:
      At least the Germans have a better process when it comes to select the next president.

    • @Effendi:

    • Ef: You should really know what you are talking about before posting your ignorance for everyone to see, as the process there is very similar to the process in the US.

    • @BigR:
      No, it isn’t. It is very different indeed.
      First of all, we, the people, don’t elect the president (called Bundespr√§sident) at all. For starters I’d suggest you get some information about the election of the German president here: http://bit.ly/2pGSScF
      The positional equivalent of Mr. Trump would be Frau Merkel, who is the chancellor of Germany. She is the head of the government. Apart from those people living in her election district, no-one can actually vote for her. No voter can vote for her to become chancellor as this is done by the members of the parliament. We the voters elect the members of the parliament, though.
      You see, this is totally different to the system in the USA.

    • The Good German May 12, 2017

      German Bundespr√§sident is a mostly representative position. He is not part of the actual government. Yet the president has to ratify some new laws for example. It kind of a safeguard to control the government. The Bundespr√§sident is not elected by the parliament but by the Bundesversammlung. And he couldn’t just fire the policemen investigating him or his associates.
      Read more on Wikipedia.

  3. Unknown origin May 9, 2017

    Where did Joe bob and his bruv go?

    • More important : Where is CatMan?
      CatMan > Joe Bob

    • Bubba and Joe Bob May 9, 2017

      Me and Bubba is still here. We jest dont git into political stuff. We keep to ourselfs and wate for the invasion be it Aliens, aliens, or anyother outsiders. Yeah, we still here…

  4. Just Sayin' May 9, 2017

    Because every Arabic-speaking refugee uses English when requesting asylum in Germany. More proof that you need to be an idiot to believe the racist propaganda from RW fascists.

    • Chicken fries May 9, 2017

      You Know this is from a Rob schnider movie right called the bench warmers it’s about baseball

    • How come half the protest signs all over the world are in English?

    • In fact you get along with french, too. Top theme in germany right now is a soldier of the german army, so a native german, who reached official refugee status by pretending to be syrian, though he didn’t speak a single word of arabic. He used french instead.

    • If you look for them you’ll find neo-nazi idiots everywhere. In every country all over the world. No big deal.
      In the U.S. they would have caught him AFTER he had killed many people as every idiot is allowed a gun. Then they would blame the victims for not carrying guns. After that he’d write a book about his life and become rich and honorary member of the N.R.A.

  5. not german May 9, 2017

    wee! they speak german!
    you know what the germans call them? the engineers.

  6. American In Vienna May 10, 2017

    Also an average age at which Americans stop attending school.

    • Prince Leo May 10, 2017

      Don’t project your life to others

    • european stranger May 10, 2017

      Most americans never attend school. They can’t even effort the meals and get blamed as kids in public for their parents not paying the school meals. Because they have the freedom to be poor. ‘Merica!

    • Prince Leo May 10, 2017

      Is that what your commie politician tells you to rip you off in taxes?

  7. I did not know that Amaury Nolasco is still 12 y.o.!

  8. German Machine Gun May 10, 2017

    Fascist fake news. Those morons can’t even fake their news right. If Islam wins it’s only because right-winged idiots weakened our society and gene pool.

    • Prince Leo May 10, 2017

      Wait what? If Islam wins? Weak gene pools?

    • German Machine Gun May 11, 2017

      Yes, perhaps. People who think they are the master race are most often love childs of brothers and sisters. The right wing can’t save us. It’s like a cancer that will kill you before your enemies do.

    • Prince Leo May 11, 2017

      Have you leanerd Arabic yet? Are you studying about the pedophile profet? Hurry up! Clock is ticking.

    • German Machine Gun May 11, 2017

      I don’t do religion. Probably would become an antislamic terrorist and wreck minaretes.

  9. If you believe this, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

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