Smartass Recruit



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  1. Must have got a couple of days of torture for that reply

  2. The person in the centre of the picture seems to have real issues. Maybe some anger management training would be a good idea for him. Or maybe something has really upset him. His cat peeing on his carpet, maybe. Should rather clean the cat’s toilet more often than venting his spleen out on others. Anyway, he seems to be exactly the kind of person you wouldn’t want to have on your team, in your family or anywhere close at all. Angry bastard.

  3. Richard Rejmer December 13, 2017

    To be read out loud. . using an Aussie accent. .

    • Yep! Someone stole this from one where it clearly said the sergeant was American and the recruit was Australian…and they spelled it “yesterdai” to rhyme with “die.”

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