Reasons to Like France



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  1. French food and wine are produced by french, so you should like french ;-).

  2. I believe I have seen this picture already.

  3. Leave the French alone. They’re good brave people. They love the USA. They gave us frenchfries. The French do so bathe and shave parts of their bodies.

    • Man, here is a free minute of knowledge : The French fries are not French. The word “French” comes from old english, and it means cutting something really thin.

    • They are from Belgium actually.

    • Hannibal Lecter November 23, 2014

      I love the French. They taste just like chicken.

  4. George Patton November 20, 2014

    I’d rather have a German division in front of me, than a French one behind.

  5. Reasons to like USA : The food : 0 The wine : 0 The people ???

  6. So, why don’t the french like the rest of us? :-(

    • In your case it`s because you are German.

    • True. The EU belongs to the Germans as Germany funds the whole thing on it’s own. But I thought we were best buddies. I’m sad now.

    • United States of Russia November 25, 2014

      Germany doesn’t fund anything on its own, it cashes in everybody’s cheque. It’s the only country getting fatter while everybody else is sinking.
      Just like the USA during WWII.
      If you feel so superior to the rest of Europe just leave the union already !!!

  7. Actual reason Usonians don’t like the French: Charles de Gaulle.

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