The Real Russian Brides: Actual Profile Pictures from Russian Dating Sites



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  1. The old man in the mountain August 4, 2016

    If there is one thing I can not resist it is a woman in a bath tube full oft noddles! Yeah baby yeah!

    • We men are pigs, I like it too.

    • There is not a 55 year old man in the world who would turn down the watermelon woman.

  2. Vlad Uljanov August 4, 2016

    So you’re just gonna keep showing these same pics to us under slightly different headlines are you?

  3. The Logical Psycho August 5, 2016

    “Those chicks are actually hot!”, said no man ever.

  4. Cats > Russian “Models”

  5. #9, (or #10).
    True Crime Detective Novel, issue 275, June, 1984

  6. scott gallant October 27, 2016

    Each bride comes with a lifetime supply of Stolichnaya….you’ll need it.

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