Things They Don’t Tell You (A Guide to Life)




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  1. 1. Money
    That is incredibly flawed. Money basically are public, national securities. The more you have it, the more, aparently, according to all the emchanisms in the world, people trust you. Money is people’s trust that you can use money the best.
    Evil is when you misuse it.
    Hence beggars are simply lazy, not deprived of evil mondey.
    2. If nobody’s perfect, then the fact a concept „perfection” exists is flawed. Perfection means reaching the highest possible level. Hence the highest level is the one that someone has acquired among humanity. If someone can run 100m in 6 seconds and that’s world record, he run’s perfect for that time.
    Also love has little to do with looking for perfection. Love is 1) an evolutionary need to reproduce 2) searching for a soulmate – and soulmate usually is your mirror. Hence if you have flaws, you look for someone with opposite flaws. Hence balance is ensured
    3. People’s importance is a social status. It has nothing to do with their universal importance of physical status.
    Someone may be an important artist and I may not care at all. Hence he is important only for the people who care. Important people who draw general public’s respect via money, deeds etc. Are being protected and may actually have a genuine higher status because they have bigger value among people.
    4. TV has never been intended nor aimed at depicting real life. TV is sort of a tl;dr of life. And who are you to judge people who watch sitcoms? Perhaps their life does not allow them to see that many interactions in real life. They still learn new social skills. Living their mundane real life will maybe make them even worse socially.
    5. Seen plenty of tall-short couples. These facts, I feel will lead into a bait.
    6. I believe the exact opposite is true. People may envy and feel angry about beautiful people, but at the end they are glorified as actors and shit.
    Also some of the most deformed people are considered beautiful, like Brad Pitt. One has start to think what really is beauty and is tha treally only your appearance.
    7. Doens’t make sense.
    8. And in reality majority are not sociopaths. Actually a sociopathy is a diagnosis. Perhaps OP actually is voerly sensitive to other people’s reaction. After all chimps too often freak out for miniscule things, but they do not consider each other sociopaths because of that
    9. Many wealthy people actually sleep less. They are too full of energy and creativity to waste time. Working class is when you long for sleeping in.
    10. Everyone is full of shit, but if what they say is based on their experience in that field, which trumps yours.. you have no reason to not be less skeptical.
    11. Noone really makes fun of people, unless they actively worry about being made fun of. Once they don’t care, noone will make fun out of you, unless you do outrageous things.
    12. Duh. Art camel and a horse the same, I ask?
    13. Success actually is often recognised when someone falls and rises again.
    Also success is when you let go of everyone’s expectations and make your own desires true. You are subjectivelly successful and you will feel like that and some may see it as general success and may tell you that.
    14. Noone really cares about 6 billion. We usually at fullest capacity, can attract few million, who care. Hence you have to be different or better than few million. And since people are pretty standard, you’ll have to be better than a few hundred who actually want to be different and are trying to do it.
    15. Why would you go nuts when old? What?
    16. People do not live with the same expectations and needs all over the world. Hence division seems a dumb suggestion. If we all divide stuff, we’d all be able to feed ourselves. We already can, since both the poor and the rich still survive. That shows that despite not having this thousand, the poor still survive somehow and in nature if you survive, you’re in. It seems the poor simly don’t have enough needs to either create value or simply move away.
    17. How can a person not like a planet? I don’t understand the underlying concept.

    • Let me guess… You have no life.

    • Let me guess: you have no money.

    • You’re naive and probably young and looks like you’re just trying to play contrarian. Or maybe you were just born lucky, never realized it and are now clueless about the wolrd around you.
      Live longer, look around you with a bit more attention.
      The statements in those comics have a lot of truth in them.

    • 1) Agree, it is the love of money (aka greed) that is the root of most evil. This is why I respect Buddhism, especially the Tibetan monks. Probably the most free and happy people in the world.
      2) The concept of perfection means the absolute best, without flaw. Being the best and being perfect are completely different things.
      3) I think this refers to people that call themselves important. Farmers are important because they grow the food we eat. You could argue they are more important than doctors or lawyers, since you can live without medicine or law, but not without food. If you think you are important, I can assure you in 100 years no one will care how important you thought you were.
      4) Agree, TV is fantasy. No one wants to see real life, they want to see something more than what their ordinary lives are like.
      5) Agree
      6) It’s like the pretty woman that always gets free lunches from hopeful guys, or gets out of fines by showing cleavage. People think all pretty women are like that. The stereotypes are guys would rather look at them than listen to them, and that other women are jealous. So even if they are capable, they can sometimes have a hard time being taken seriously for important roles.
      7) Of course most guys would prefer a pretty girlfriend to a plain one, and a plain one over an outright ugly one. They may be nice and funny and fun but it’s like the friend zone situation.
      8) This refers to attribution biases. People tend to view bad things to themselves as beyond their control or unavoidable, but tend to view bad things from others (especially those they dislike) as a consequence of their personality or actions. So like you may yell at someone who spills a drink for being careless, but if you spill a drink it was just a simple accident.
      9) Many poor people work long hours for average pay, in some countries they may have to work all day, every day to make ends meet. If you love the job though then it’s hardly work.
      10) Agree. It’s like when a politician says climate change is a hoax. Would you trust a politician with an agenda, or 97% of the scientific organizations in the WORLD, who’s job is to actually look at the data because they like the job, and not because they have an agenda?
      11) Disagree. Also disagree with this image. If you are mean they will make lots of fun of you, just not to your face.
      12) Not sure what you are saying…
      13) Measure success with your own stick. If just having a family, a decent home, and good kids is success to you then great. If success is becoming rich then go ahead. Measuring other people on your own ideals of success is kinda if an ass thing to do.
      14) Not sure you understand this frame. Even if you become “different” to a few hundreds, there are still thousands of people like you. You aren’t a unique and special snow flake but you can be different, just don’t expect anyone to care.
      15) Think you missed this one. Go hard die young, YOLO, live for the moment, etc
      16) Do you think those starving Africans than get a couple dollars a month, have to dig through garbage for food, that they don’t have a need for a decent home and nice food? That they don’t expect fair wages or a government to care about it’s people? There are hundreds of people starving to death every day, yet there is more than enough food produced to feed everyone more than once over ever day.
      17) Because it’s full of dumb shits that pollute it, kill everything they can, be rude, be greedy, screw others over for personal gain, sell misery because it’s a better option than outright despair, promote division and separation instead of acceptance or harmony. There are amazing things but this world is far from ideal.

    • Ann Onimous November 7, 2014

      Longest/lamest reply ever.

    • Let me guess.. You like the word ‘hence’

    • this is a joke site, if you are going to be so serious GTFO!

    • OP here.
      Holy shit I was high as an astronaut eagle.

    • …you seriously do not understand jokes do you?

    • Exactly! I totally agree with every single word!
      And this article is trivial and full of cliches. If it is joke – it is a flat joke.

    • thanks, you made a lot of points that I would have expressed, but couldn’t have due to my english. i agree with your critic in almost every case. and to the people who think, this positive way of dealing with thing is something only for young people who haven’t been played on – rubbish, in my case i went from the points of view shown in the comic in my twenties to those in ferretfaces comment in my thirties. you have to get a relaxed view on life, and don’t expect others to work that out for you, it’s your own responsibility. but if you prefer to suffer – it’s your choice.

    • “Beggars are simply lazy, not deprived of evil mondey” [sic]
      That is the most ignorant thing I’ve read today. People become homeless for as many reasons as other, more fortunate, people become wealthy. You know what they say about assuming: when you assume things it just makes an ass out of u and… well, only u this time.

    • @ Ferretface
      17. How can a person not like a planet? I don’t understand the underlying concept.
      It’s people like you that cause me to hate this world.

    • Somebody is taking this way too seriously! Guess who? I’m glad they wrote a lot to prove their point.

  2. The author has issues. Take a happy pill or something.
    Life sucks, but we fight for peace and moments of happiness, which make it worth it. Enjoy the moments, don’t blame others or the world for the valleys, and recognize the peaks.

    • …And in fighting for peace and moments of happiness we bring more suffering.
      Every single thing you ever fought for, you ‘ll unavoidably lose. And depending on your lack and circumstances there may be no peaks.
      There is no happy pill.

  3. I would blow up the planet, if I could. But I still have no doomsday machine. Sorry.

  4. randy butternubs November 6, 2014

    These make a lot of sense. Possibly persons who couldn’t relate to these haven’t been on the planet long enough, or come from a family of means who is out of touch with the general population. The one about Africa is spot on. It’s never your problem till your affected by it, people are blissfully ignorant of worldwide suffering.

  5. One more message, inspired by our friend Ferretface up there:
    Some people are so naive it’s just adorable. “Look, Mommy, I’m making stuff up!” Awwww!

  6. Seems pretty accurate except…
    01. If you talk too much then ppl get annoyed with you.
    02. If you don’t talk much then ppl don’t trust you.
    03. Smile too much and ppl assume you are a psycho.
    04. Don’t smile much and ppl assume you are angry.
    05. Act like a jerk and everyone wants to be your friend.
    06. Act responsibly and they think you are a debbie downer.
    07. Be too nice and ppl walk over you.
    08. Don’t be too nice and ppl hate you yet respect you.
    09. Have a lot of money and ppl think you are a hardworking, brilliant person.
    10. Don’t have much money and they think you are a slacker.
    11. Don’t live with your parents? They think you are independent and mature.
    12. Live with your parents? They think consider you a joke yet secretly envy you because your cost of living is much less than theirs.

  7. Read first Kant, then Heidegger. Nothing can bother you anymore…

  8. Comrade Uberdouche November 8, 2014

    People in Africa aren’t poor because I worked a lot and didn’t spend very much.
    Oh yeah. and I lost some money in the last few years.
    Did that make them more prosperous?

  9. this post has too much wrong facts and assumptions to be funny.

  10. Has everyone lost their sense of humor? Cute cartoons & funny writings.

  11. 5 cents??? poor people exist all around the world. stop with the ignorance already. maybe you should actually come here instead of judging a whole continent by what you see on TV. Africa IS beautiful

    • Way to completely miss the point.
      Also, In 2006, 34 of the 50 nations on the UN list of least developed countries are in Africa. In many nations, GDP per capita is less than US$5200 per year, with the vast majority of the population living on much less. In addition, Africa’s share of income has been consistently dropping over the past century by any measure. Over 218 million people in the sub-Saharan countries alone, are living in absolute poverty. The continent may be beautiful but the majority of its inhabitants are living so far below the poverty line that they can hardly survive. Pretending poverty doesn’t run rampant in Africa the Beautiful does not make it so.

  12. Actually, I Timothy 6:10 states: “For the *LOVE* of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    It’s fine to have money. It only becomes a problem when you let the money have you.
    It’s not a sin to be wealthy and successful; it becomes a sin when you get greedy and allow the pursuance of money at any cost to be the objective of your life. Contrary to what Gordon Gekko said, greed is not good. It is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

  13. What a pathetic outlook on life this person has! I feel sorry for him or her.

  14. ReadingMakesMeSleepy January 15, 2015

    Blah Blah Blah, bunch of chatty Cathy’s. ( My apologies, Cathy:-)) Good night.

  15. Looka at yal!Im African and I see the real side of life,pretty screwed up.Beggars do make the choice of being poor!Favortism and Cronysm is everywhere and chauvenism and retrogresive minds hinder all aspects of development and achievement in this world.So dont give m the whole ‘more privelaged’ bs here!Its all in your heads!Im the son of a farmer btw…do you see me begging?No!You work to survive,not to be rich!!!

  16. serious joker February 7, 2015

    as we grow up, we become cynic like this. it’s hard to ignore all the BAD that is seen and felt.
    but so what? will complaining change anything? we know our life is so full of problems that make it painful, and still, we dont need more pain and despair. what we need is a solution. a solution is something that makes all such problems go away.
    i dont have one. so i live through it, moment by moment. life is a pallete filled with blue, dark and orange and’s more than nothing, and yet far less than everything.

  17. serious joker February 7, 2015

    maybe it’s true that life is mostly indifferent, lonely and empty. but it’s all we have. we live for the small bits of good that we get.

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