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  1. Don’t be islamophobic. It’s just 2 or 3 muslims that create terrorism in the whole world.

    • Collywobbles June 15, 2017

      Who mentioned muslims?

    • Kauf Buch June 15, 2017

      Well, let’s be FAAAAAIR…
      it may be “just 2 or 3 muslims”…
      …but it’s also their 100,000,000 “first” cousins, too.
      Inbreeding is not “haram” to muslims…more like all they know.

    • Kauf Buch June 15, 2017

      TO collywobbles
      You have to be pretty stupid and uninformed OR
      willfully IN DENIAL to not “get” the joke about ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
      Your Leftist faux-“innocence” doesn’t work anymore, dolt.

    • @Kauf: You really need to have your math checked.
      Better yet, just have your head checked.

  2. Kauf Buch June 15, 2017

    Make mine out of PORK… bwahahahahahahha!!!!

  3. Collywobbles June 15, 2017

    I’ve lived in a country with terrorist threats from more than just muslims, ****.

    • Aaaand, most of the victims of islamistic terror attacks were Muslims! Crazy, isn’t it. But don’t tell anyone, because some people, even on here, would have to change their view of life entirely, would they know that.

    • Don’t sabotage Kauf Buch’s and the others’ hysteria. It’s all they have in life.

    • Ah, yeah, sorry about that.

    • @anteater so you’re saying those thousands of victims in the western are still minority and there are a LOT more victims among themselves? Damn, they are so peaceful. It clearly points there is no problem and getting thousands of them as immigrants.

    • Hein, you are really poor when it comes to understanding things. Really poor.
      Terrorists, no matter what background they have, are never peaceful. And at this time we have terrorists with all sorts of background all over the place. Yes, islamistic terrorists make the top news in western countries. And some westerners even think that these guys kill because they are Muslims and don’t see that it doesn’t make any sense at all as these guys kill other Muslims, too.
      I actually don’t know a place on earth where thousands of terrorists are currently as immigrants.

  4. Salzigtal June 15, 2017

    Point your search engine to: fighting terrorism since 1492

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