So What Do You Do?




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  1. Lolfosor May 4, 2017

    What do we call the creator of this site?

    • Free&FakeAmerican May 4, 2017

      Depends on the pics they post and what the republican fanboys get told from their hate evangelists.

    • Elmer Gantry May 5, 2017

      @Freak American – Did Mika Brzezinski tell you to say that? Cause she said the media should tell you exactly what to think.

    • Free&FakeAmerican May 5, 2017

      Don’t know. What does twitter tell you?

  2. Somewhere in time May 4, 2017


  3. Einstien Begal Tosser May 6, 2017

    Where is Landlord’s youtube site? ’cause I want to buy a $400 spinny top, an obnoxious tee shirt, and date a Brazilian virgin?

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