Ultra-Short Versions of Classic Books For Lazy People


Illustrator John Atkinson has created a solution to help you save a lot of time. Thanks to his latest book you can now read ultra-condensed classic books!


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  1. Reading some of these, it makes me wonder if the author of these comics read any of those books/plays? Dante’s Inferno: All hell breaks loose? The hell? Hell was still contained within Hell throughout the book. And the vision of Hell…wadid he expect? It’s Hell. *palmface* The correct summary would be: Dante goes through hell for a woman. That would be 100% accurate, because Dante transverse the 9 circles of hell in pursuit of Beatrice.
    MacBeth: Old ladies convince a guy to ruin Scotland? The hell? Lady MacBeth ain’t old and the witches didn’t influence MacBeth at all. Jeezus man. Get it right.

    • Dr. Freud June 6, 2018

      Of the summaries above you seem to be obsessed with the ones that have to do with women?

    • get-it-wrong June 6, 2018

      Yep, the witches didn’t convince Macbeth at all, no, and certainly not by Hecate’s bidding.

    • American in Vienna June 7, 2018

      So you read Inferno and Macbeth? Nice.
      BTW: it’s just “Inferno” not “Dante‚Äôs Inferno”. And it’s “Macbeth” not “MacBeth”. OK?
      Now, go and read some more books.

    • Free and Fake American June 7, 2018

      Most americans stop reading after their “Dr. Zeus”. Trump on the other hand has never read a book. Not even his own books.

  2. I could write an entire O-Level exam paper on how the witches influenced Macbeth. In fact, I did…

  3. Sheesh, buncha book snobs commenting here. Accurate or not, it was funny. Can’t y’all enjoy it just for that?

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