So Asians All Look The Same?

12 thoughts on “So Asians All Look The Same?”

  1. Australia doesn’t exist. It’s a lie!

  2. I believe that they are all twin sisters. The sixth twin lives in the USA under an assumed name – witness protection, maybe?

  3. Actually each picture has different wrinkles. Clearly a different old lady. Also she does seem to have slanty eyes.

  4. Mizz Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schlesweig-Holstein-

    But you can call her queeny pie

  5. Oh, LOOK! It’s another ANTI-WHITE “joke.”

  6. whooosh…

  7. Oh, LOOK! It’s another BIGO-WHITE “reaction.”

  8. We’d better get a day off work when she dies!

  9. Aww, LOOK! Triggered white boy crying for his safe space.

  10. Omg yes!!

  11. Does she “prey” 5 times a day like good “Asians” do?

  12. Mizz Holstein would vote labour every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays. Not anti white, anti Holstein.


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