Why Is Staying Home So Hard?

Why is staying home so hard?

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  1. Now this is funny. If all anti-Trumpers voted, he would have lost. If all anti-Brexiteers voted, there would be no Brexit. If all sane Democrats voted in the primaries this year, you would have a candidate that could win. Instead, you stay home and complain. At least go to the urn and put an empty vote or draw a d*ck on it or write in some joker. At least, give a signal that none of the candidates are good enough. In that way, the result will show that there is a potential voting block for different candidates. Staying home perpetuates the status-quo.

  2. You can vote by mail. So it’s more than that.

  3. The lesser of two evils is still evil…

  4. The better of two choices is still a better outcome. Imagine if we had a president who listened to doctors instead of telling us this would all go away.

  5. I don’t understand why he looks like a sunbaked dog turd wrapped in a suit

  6. Yes, the diet-socialist sexual-predator with dementia is way better than the moronic orange sociopath cad. I’m so inspired to vote now. For a new potato chip flavor combination, maybe.

  7. Yeah, better die of covid than vote someone who can run a country. F…ing communists!
    … What is a communist? Who cares. Fox says so. MAGA.

  8. Because he is?
    But why is the Terminator in the background always watching him?

  9. You can’t see it, because Trump is in the way, but he’s rubbing his hands together, and muttering “good… good…”

  10. @SpicyBBQ

    The sexual predator and the ‘moronic orange sociopath’ are the same person. Accused of sexual assault 13x.

    Only one guy thinks a free press is the enemy of the people. He also doesn’t believe in that congress has the authority to investigate the president or set the spending. GOP blocked over 100 federal judges and a supreme court justice. That’s never happened before. How many presidents complement fascist dictators and talk about being president forever? That’s new too. It’s the constitution vs something new. Should be an obvious choice.

  11. Yeah, I stayed home….. and voted!

    Seriously. Sign up to vote absentee. It’s easy. I’ve been doing it for years. They even include a voter guide with links for more information for anything unusual on the ballot. The info includes a ‘pro’ and ‘con’ argument.

  12. Change the laws so that we commoners can sell our vote the way the politicians sell theirs, and maybe.

  13. Your weak mindless criticism of The God Emperor Trump will have no effect. HE will win. Probably even the popular vote. Do you honestly believe people are going to let creepy hairy legged senile old Biden near the button?

  14. I honestly hope they never allow doorknob Trump near the button. He would press it and then say it was a sarcastic gesture to annoy the press.

  15. Change the law so that politicians have to publicly declare their financial supporters and tax returns for ten years either side of their terms in office.

  16. He’s not near the button, he is the button. Who is the “they” you speak of? He’s the President. There is no “they”. The codes are never more then a few feet away from him at all times and he alone can launch. How can you criticize things you yourself don’t even understand?

  17. Don’t know. Where I live it is people who do not give a flying sh1t about politics or at least claim that their vote won’t make a difference anyway. In all my life I couldn’t see a trend regarding what side (rather right wing or left wing) the non-voting group would lean to. What we have noted in the past few years though is that the far right/openly xenophobic politicians somehow manage to get non-voters voting.

  18. He has the intelligence of a button, so one may hope there are some adults in the room to stop him when he has one of his many tantrums. The rules you refer to were designed with a sane president in mind, but that is no longer a given in thIs time and age.

  19. And how do you suppose the laws will get changed when less than 50% of the people are voting?

    As is, they don’t have to care what the people think. They just get enough money to convince a small percentage of people and they win an election. If close to 100% percent voted, they would actually do something when 75% of us agree on something…. like background checks for buying a gun.

  20. “The god emperor Trump”

    Thanks for summing it up so nicely. I’m going to vote for someone who wants to be a president and follow the constitution, not act like a #SwampKing.

    Also kinda funny that you criticize Biden’s brain, when it’s clear Trump is not a clear thinking adult. All men tend to be hairy legged too…

  21. Who cares? We’re all gonna die, whether at by a bright ball of atomic fire or some strange virus. Both are strong possibilities in our futures. Let’s all just lie down and take it. It won’t hurt much.

  22. Now there’s a campaign slogan!

    We’re all going to die anyway. #SwampKing2020 !

  23. Your not qualified to Monday morning quarterback a sitting President. You don’t have the resources or intel. You make yourself look silly when you try. Just like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC ect… talk about ego. Haha

  24. Do as I say, not as MeToo, huh? Sorry, Biden doesn’t get a free pass, because Trump may be worse.

  25. Nothing to do with Ego. “It’s just like the flu. One day soon it’s just going to go away….”70,000 have died now. Is that really that hard to see that was not a wise judgment? What possible ‘resource or intel’ are we missing to make that call now?

    The death rate is still going up and he says he’s going to disband the Corona virus task force. We’ve been staying home, but now states are opening up so it’s going to spread more. google “538 covid projections” to read about all the mathematical models saying this is going to get worse.

  26. Yes we all remember the models. Originally it was 2 million in the US, then 200,000 reeeee we’re all gonna die. Keeping people locked up isn’t going to make it go away. Its just prolonging the inevitable. Its here, for good. People are going to die. There will probably never be a vaccine and it will prey on man for generations. Just like the regular flu, 60k a year mostly elderly and people with compromised immune systems. This isn’t political, its life on earth. Suck it up butter cup. Life has to go on. Your a nerf the world guy huh.

  27. The virus will die out if it can not jump to new victims, that is why quarantining works. It has been used repeatedly and with success in the past — only fools will voluntarily expose the entire population to the virus to see what a worst-case scenario looks like.

  28. No Sir. This virus will not “die out”. It has spread globally now and third world countries will continue its spread for decades. We still get plague cases coming across our borders. Polio, yellow fever, measles… etc.. diseases that were cured decades ago. Its already been proven that New York and other large city’s have artificially pumped up the numbers. So if your idea is true why don’t we lock down the world every flu season? As I mentioned, the US loses 60k a year to that. And to your point about exposing the entire population to the virus, well my friend that ship has sailed. Besides if you hadn’t noticed it’s turned political now and we don’t have time for that. If your under 60 and don’t have any underlying health problems, MOST people will be fine. According to our testing in the US the number of people who already had it and didn’t even know it is Huge. And your not being realistic about the damage the shut down is having. Don’t know about your country, but if this continues people are going to start losing their housing, their kids are going to start to go hungry. We’ve got 330 million people to feed. This could literally collapse the entire country. And if the US goes, economically, it will take the world with it. So no, we’re going to open up. We’re going to let people make a living, feed their kids. Those that want to, or need to, can continue the lock down. But it has to happen. And the best thing about being an American is that our Government can’t stop us. Even if they want to, and THEY KNOW IT. We the people and all. Unless of course collapse is what you wanted… many on the Left do.

  29. It will die out in our countries, only to be occasionally re-imported and squashed again. The fact that we do not have regular big outbreaks of the diseases you mention shows that it works. The numbers reported by states are underestimates, counting only victims that tested positive. But there are many victims that were never tested. The flu is far less lethal than covid: the flu does 60k per year without taking any measures, while in the current lock-down covid still managed 60k in about a month. The ship has not sailed yet: the huge numbers who had the disease are still only a tiny fraction of the total population. If many people run into serious problems if they don’t receive a pay check for a month or two, your country is in a dire situation anyways. Opening-up without sufficient testing capacity and without tracking will make the number of victims sky-rocket and is far worse for the economy. The only thing political about it is that the democrats listen to medical professionals while the republicans play russian roulette.

  30. And the hospitals will be overflowing and even those who would normally live, will end up dying because they can’t get treatment.

    The 60k from the flu happen all year long and when we don’t do anything about it. We’ve been locked up and in less than two months, and Covid has already got 70k dead. The 200k kinds of estimates are when/if we don’t take any action.

    GOP then -“How dare AOC downplay 9-11, that was a big deal. Remember how many died!”
    “Every life is sacred, even the unborn!”
    “Don’t worry, it’s just the flu, this will just go away.”

    Now – Hundreds of thousands will die. No big deal. You can’t expect me to wear a face mask or do anything to protect myself or my fellow Americans. The government can’t force me to help protect life! That’s an outrage!

  31. “It’s just like the flu. One day soon it’s just going to go away….”

    OK, so it sounds like you agree. This was a total B.S statement, and it don’t need any special ‘resource or intel’ to know that. It’s obvious. ‘It’s here for good. People are going to die.’ Got it.

  32. Agree to disagree. Everything you just said was like listening to CNN or any other Left leaning networks. Just talking points, many of them wrong or out right lies. Stirring up fear. Labeling people who just want to feed their families as crazy. “Your killing people”. Reeeeeee! Well we’ll find out cause we’re going back to work.

  33. “our Government can’t stop us. Even if they want to, and THEY KNOW IT.”

    It might interest you to know that during WWII, in America, our government actually rationed meat and steel. AND PEOPLE WENT ALONG WITH IT. They also went along with the super high taxes on the rich. That’s because they were willing to sacrifice for the good of the country. United we stand, divided we fall. Sound familiar?

    Now, for the good of our country and to save lives, everyone is going to be asked to keep social distancing and wear masks, which is not that hard. We’ll have to skip the concerts and sports. We can still spend money and keep the country going. It wont be that hard.

  34. I sound like networks I don’t watch because medics the world over give the same advise. You are utterly disconnected from reality.

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