Awww… This Breaks My Heart


When everything reminds you of your ex...


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  1. Putin can’t be happier though. America’s role as world leader is destroyed. Forever, analysts say. The orange fool did his job.

  2. Yes, China, Iran and Russia won this election for sure. They are very pleased.

    • China has won under Trump. Iran doesn’t know what to think, they struggle with themselves, and Russia did benefit from Trump also. Because Trump weakened the US position in international politics. The US are no more leader of the free world and are not considered a relialable partner or a rolemodel. The US are not seen as a stable democracy anymore after Trump was able to attack its institutions with criminal and autocratic intent. Trump deconstructed that reputation and it won’t come back.

  3. Except it was Biden who took bribes from Russia! And China. And Ukraine.

    • Anonymous May 3, 2022

      wrong – the receipts show Putin and China wished and helped for a Trump re-election cuz the guy is an idiot and it was easy for them to manipulate him into terrible positions for the US

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