Women’s Logic



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  1. It should read “Women’s Logic”.

  2. *Neckbeard Logic
    fixed it for you

  3. husband8472 August 4, 2017

    So, how does this differ from our manly logic?

  4. More accurately, it should read: FEMINIST “LOGIC” (sic),
    since that’s the nonsense they tried to breed into women since the 1960s.
    YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! (sound familiar?!)

  5. “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Timothy Francis Leary

    • Said the man who took every psychotropic substance he could get his hands on. I wouldn’t call such a person a fountain of wisdom.

    • Legend of a mind August 5, 2017

      Timothy Leary’s dead.

  6. Mr. Vassilyev August 5, 2017

    All I wanted to do was drink beer on the porch, peruse Eatliver.com comics. But through no fault of my own and I don’t know how it happened I have a wife and many kids. I suspect space aliens or mind control drugs from the government.

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