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  1. hahahahaha!!! That’s funny, because it equates crushing levels of income inequality which is one of the underlying mechanisms of war, hunger, and poverty with “losing money”. Ha. haha. Hahaha. Kill me now.

    • Odd, I thought is was about Greece – and how socialism, government dependency, and trade unions have led to ‘crushing levels’ of poverty. Hahaha.

    • I depend on the government! For roads, schools, hospitals, regulating services like electricity, gas, water, arbitrating matters of law, enforcing those laws. There are people that don’t depend on the government. They eat rats in China because they can’t afford real food, weak wage laws and all. Or they die of diseases like cholera or get murdered by religious zealots, because there is no government to depend on at all. It’s like the U.S. people have been fed so much misinformation about what government is for, words like “dependence”, “welfare”, “regulation”, “unions”, “clean energy”, etc have become dirty words. Yet those are all things that help people. Corporations depend on the government just as much. Oil energy industry makes massive profits but they still get government welfare/assistance and no one seems to complain about that.

    • Actually, Exxon had a return on capital of about 17%, which is 2% higher than the S&P 500 average. So no, they’re not making ‘massive’ profits. The money the oil companies receive from gov’t is mainly for research of alternative energies. Plus, the gov’t makes more money on a gallon of gasoline than oil companies, and they don’t produce a single drop of petrol.
      Yes, government provides roads and schools – but not efficiently. Gov’t doesn’t have to compete in the open marketplace or make a profit. Gov’t programs are riddled with waste and fraud, overburdened with unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation. Private schools provide a better education than public schools at a competitive price. Teachers unions bleed taxpayers dry for a second rate product. Unionization of public employees is a catastrophe that needs to be stopped.
      Socialism ALWAYS fails because it removes any incentive for hard work.

  2. entitlement society December 10, 2014

    I wasn’t at that protest, I was at work.

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