Pet Owners Who Found Brilliant Ways To Protect Their Christmas Trees



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  1. The Good German December 23, 2016

    The tree on the ceiling actually is one of the first ways christmas trees were arranged in history. When houses were small and big living rooms rare the upside down tree provided less loss of living space.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob December 23, 2016

    See, it’s like me and Joe Bob keep saying. Dogs and cats is outside animals. When they outside there’s no problem with inside decorations.

  3. Isn’t it dog? Looks like fox…in the middle pic

  4. That first one is how you summon Satan.

  5. A fox is a cool creature. In the wild.
    In other news : Cats > Foxes > Dogs

  6. #4 now is thinking with portals. Awesome.

  7. Holy Satan! that’s a blasphemy to the holidays!

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