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  1. Islam is like a ebula virus.. Every were it appears death come..

    • But this is the religion of peace..

    • And what is correlation between this photo and islam?

    • what does this have to do with islam? idiot!

    • Israel is fighting an impossible battle, on one front with radical Islamist`s who willingly lead their populations to slaughter in the interest of religionized war..
      So here your correlation between this photo and islam

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 8, 2014

      Like any other religion these days.
      Ban religion from this planet. At least we will have wars for the true reasons.

    • Israel is NOT fighting radical Islamist, Israel is donig geonicide against people fighting for freedom, and this is nothing to do with islam idiot

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 10, 2014

      And that “genocide” is defined by religion. So it has everything to do with religion, idiot. All religions, from islam, judaism, christianity, hinduism, etc., etc., etc. to buddhism are a source of ruthless, inhumane violence. Talking about peace with one hand, splitting skulls with the other.
      It’s all about money, power and lies. The elite is controlling the stupid masses through religion. Why do you think are all kings and lords are “chosen by god”? What god does need a king? You are not obeying some imaginary, heavenly buddy’s orders but those of your leaders. Once you do not believe in their higher being those leaders and their brainless followers will kill you for being a threat to their authority. If you are not part of the community and follow another leader you may be killed either as you might convert and steal their followers.
      Religion, Nazism, Communism, their are all children of the same mind.

  2. Promise not to use this cement to build tunnels? OK.

  3. 0bama biden laden August 8, 2014

    Why is it ok for islamic arabs to launch rockets into Israel but Israel can’t defend itself?

    • Because Israel does nothing to escalate the situation – pure as a unicorn’s white ***.

    • Why is it ok for Israel to launch rockets into Palestine but Palestinians can’t defend themselves?

    • I agree. Hamas hides behind civilions for media protection to make Israel look like the bad guy. Israel is just a tiny nation, but all of the middle east demands the nation to crumble.

  4. ..Stupid cartoon is stupid. The weapons aren’t being used against civilians, they are being used against active missile launchers that Hamas has been putting inside civilian areas, structures, and facilities, and then bombing the hell out of Israel with. So, there’s that.

    • The Lone Wonderer August 8, 2014

      Couldn’t say it better myself.
      Imagine this, being stuck in a (free) country, where you can be any religion, and every neighbor is trying to kill you. I’d fight back. Especially if you consider that every country that is “on fire” at the moment, is mainly because of RADICAL Muslims. There are okay ppl there, don’t get me wrong. Now, these same Muslims -the radicals, fanatics, etc remember?- demand they die or go away….
      Don’t tell me they need to “go back to the borders of 1960-something”. If they did that, their entire country would be decimated by the rocket attacks and Israel would no longer exist.
      Which is what those terrorists are actually fighting for.
      So basically, Israel is in a **** position. It either needs to do what its doing, or die.
      Therefore, I support Israel.
      On a side note, because of the situation in the middle-east (not just the Israel-Hamas war),the ebola threat, and again a sort of cold war with Russia I have officially given up on any friendly extraterrestrial intervention. I can NOT fathom why any alien, looking down on our planet has the thought “well that may be nice to save”…

    • Not to mention that a majority of the “innocent civilians” that are killed are men of fighting age and not proportionate to the general population. They don’t wear uniforms

    • @ The Lone Wonderer August 9, 2014

      I actually support Israel myself even though, from what I am about to say, it may not seem like it. But you need to put all the cards on the table.
      In Israel you can be any religion but only Jews have real rights. Everybody else is considered “a class B citizen”, i.e. non-Jews are not allowed to own properties. And pretty much all resources are in Jews’ hands.
      I know they did it to protect themselves, still prejudices against different people seem kinda of an hypocrite move coming from the survivors of the holocaust.
      Looks like when money and power is on the table, everybody can be discriminating.
      About the “die or go away” thing: it was actually a Muslim land before the UN forced tons of Jews refugees in there and created the state of Israel. Muslims didn’t approve of this and started the war, losing it quickly. But the hostilities never ceased.
      Even if the Jews started treating Muslims like equals I have my doubts those would just give up the fight because they want their land back. On the other hand the Jews have nowhere else to go, that was the whole point of creating Israel right after WWII, so it’s pretty obvious the war will go on till one of the two parts will simply cease to exist.
      Sad but true.

    • The Lone Wonderer August 13, 2014

      About that “here educate yourself”
      Yea, nothing new there buddy. I’m still on Israel’s side. What are you trying to say?
      Have you even read what I wrote? Or did something go wrong in translating to english?

    • @ The Lone Wonderer August 14, 2014

      I think he meant me since he said (wrote, typed.. .whatever) @@ The Lone Wonderer
      I am educated on the subject sir !!!

  5. so let me get this straight. hamas fires rockets into israel and then hamas hides behind its own people when israel fires back and then all of a sudden israel is the bad guy. bunch of uneducated stoner hippies on here it seems like

  6. I’m gladly shocked that most people recognize how Hamas is the antagonizer. Famously the posed statement goes:
    If Palestine laid down their weapons there would be peace. If Israel laid down their weapons there would be a massacre.
    This ain’t difficult.

    • Mr. Perspective August 9, 2014

      Imagine the U.N. decided one day that more than 50% of your country should be given to another country / group of people. They move in, taking the land and resources, then over decades take more land, and more resources. The remainder of your country descends into poverty. Wouldn’t you resit? Wouldn’t you fight back? It’s horrible that Hamas appears to be using civilians as human shields, but it’s even more horrific that Israel doesn’t really care. What’s worst about this is that the entire wold seems to be taking the approach of letting this unfold instead of stepping in and forcing BOTH sides to lay down their weapons.
      We as a human race are responsible for this situation, and we must work to end all wars. Through compassion, compromise, and understanding we should strive to co-exist on this tiny little spec in the universe we call Earth.

    • Dick Richie August 9, 2014

      @perspective.. Israel does care that is why hours before they launch a strike they drop leaflets informing the population of when and where the strike will happen. That is Not something an aggressor does.

  7. Bubba Gump August 9, 2014

    The cartoon should be the US giving aid to Hamas and other Arab groups for the caption to be correct.

  8. Interceptor vodka class D. August 9, 2014

    Our radar detected butthurt lvl 95.

  9. Well according to google August 9, 2014

    Just learn your history people, where Israel state its today, what state was there previous? …
    Then people will say , that jews who lived outside of palestine area, were exiled from other countrys and had to return there…
    NOW i wonder why did the other countrys did not want them

  10. Another victim of the palestinian propaganda. You have talent, use it for good. The true evil is on the palestinian side.

  11. Sarah Palin August 11, 2014

    Behind closed doors, I really do not care about Israel. I never mentioned them once until I ran for VP. It is only now that i pretend to care. In front of a camera, I do nothing but care.

  12. It’s funny there are no comics of hamas using the children and women as human shields!
    Israel has a danged right to protect itself against missles fired at them by hamas. The press fails to comment on the truths…

  13. I’ve been looking for Palatine on the map all day…Can’t seem to find it! So frustrating!!-,-

  14. Start giving them nukes then!

  15. Humor is a powerful weapon. Unfortunately for those laughing geniuses who may not know or remember that Israel gave up completely the Gaza Strip, pulled back all of their settlements and let the Palestinians elect their own govt. They elected Hamas, who knowingly and intentionally hide and fire their weapons from civilian areas. All so they can then decry the civilian deaths afterwards. It would be a laughable strategy except with idiots like this artist it appears to be working…

    P.S. When jewish people have no home Palestinians give them roofs over their heads and food for their kids… Now Israleans destroying palestinian homes and killing their kids… Just Think about this…

    • Palestinians never gave them roofs over their heads. Mostly because they had no roofs to give. Israel gave them gaza. Now they want more

  17. The opposition bombs israel from the top of elementary schools. When israel fights back they hit civilians. You cant just sit and blame israel. The fact that some of you are saying something about israelis and a genocide is just flat unintelligence.

  18. screw israel, the terrorist state. they bring nothing but destruction and misery to the Palestinians….for now.

  19. This is so disgusting. You people have no idea of what’s going on here. What about UNWRA and the likes who gives weapons to Hamas, and it is HAMAS who uses weapons against civilians – including their own. There’s no point in arguing here because you can’t argue with facts. no matter how hard you try to distort facts and lie about Israel – the war is real, and it comes near you. Enjoy your Sharia and continue to think that “Israel is an aggressor.” Clueless useful idiots of jihadists. And yes, it ha EVERYTHING to do with Islam: there would have been no war otherwise.

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